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150+ key ecommerce dates for UK brands

Download the 2023 UK retail calendar to see all the dates you can use to engage with your audience—plus a 1-click add to calendar feature so you never miss an important moment.

Foundational marketing strategy

Build best-in-class marketing fundamentals with these resources on how to ace the basics.

Advanced marketing strategy

Ready to move on from the basics? These resources help marketing teams as they grow and want to reach new levels of customer experience excellence.

The advanced email marketing playbook

Scalable email marketing tactics to personalise, optimise, and automate your strategy for more revenue, more ROI, and more profitability.

The complete guide to email deliverability

This is about your technology, your reputation, and your options when it comes to landing in the inbox––in the right folder––every single time.

Retention marketing: Balance loyalty and acquisition

Learn how to efficiently balance customer acquisition and retention to ensure you attract and keep customer attention—even in today's pressure-cooker economy.

The power of unified email and SMS marketing

Ready to unite your cross-channel marketing strategy? Learn the importance of centralising data for more customer loyalty and control over your brand’s growth.

RFP template: 122 questions to ask when evaluating vendors

All the questions ecommerce marketing teams need to consider when putting out an RFP—all to help you standardise your evaluation criteria against a handful of vendors.
Ecommerce sector guides
Discover email and SMS marketing best practices, trends, and examples for your unique ecommerce industry.

Key benchmark reports

Dig into these averages across the Klaviyo platform to see where you stand on email open rates, click rates, conversion rates, and revenue per recipient in comparison to your industry’s average.

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We're here to help—check out these guides on switching email service providers (ESPs) and how we integrated with popular ecommerce platforms.