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Home and garden ecommerce marketing guide: your full marketing funnel guide

Discover trends, best practices, and benchmarks from the home and garden industry, as well as examples from leading home furnishings brands.

Your guide to the home and garden industry

Consumers are now willing to pay more for home furnishings that are unique, long-lasting, and environmentally sustainable. But we won’t sugarcoat it—the home and garden category isn’t for entrepreneurs who want to make a quick buck.

Consumer expectations, supply chain logistics, and high competition are serious challenges for home and garden businesses. The ones that are succeeding are doing it by doubling down on their niche, customising their products, and using dynamic imagery to entice consumers.

This full marketing funnel guide for home and garden will show you how to use these tactics to stand out in your category, including:

  • How home and garden brands build audiences and engage with them
  • How home and garden brands move audiences to purchase and follow up post-purchase
  • How home and garden brands collect Customer-First Data
  • How home and garden brands deliver personalised experiences through behavioural segmentation
  • How home and garden brands retain customers and grow lifetime value

The home and garden numbers

Percentage of total retail ecommerce sales in 2021 made up by furniture and homeware
Total furniture ecommerce revenue in the U.S in 2021
Average click rate of all email flows for home and garden brands

Your full marketing funnel guide for your home and garden business

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