klaviyo vs. attentive

Go ahead, compare. Klaviyo does what Attentive can’t.

Smarter relationships, maximum revenue impact. That’s the power of seamless coordination across email, SMS, and mobile push.

Choose the platform that does more

It isn’t just the quantity of channels in our intelligent marketing automation platform—including SMS, email, push notifications, reviews, social ads, and sign-up forms—that makes us the stronger partner for businesses of all sizes.

The quality of our features connects you with the right customers in the right channel with the right message, unlocking your ability to grow smarter digital relationships with your customers in a uniquely Klaviyo way.




10+ years experience

143,000+ customers

6+ years experience

8,000+ customers


Email, SMS, Mobile Push + AI copywriting

Email, SMS, + AI copywriting


Email, SMS, Mobile Push + AI copywriting and built in product review request capabilities

Email, SMS + AI copywritingNo built-in reviews functionality

Forms/List Growth

Pop-ups, full-page, multi-step, segment-based targeting, identity resolution tracking

Pop-ups, full-page, multi-step, spin-to-win


350+ integrations, including 50+ ecommerce platforms

100+ integrationsLimited direct ecommerce platform integrations


Built-in features for Email and SMS

Built-in features for Email and SMS


Detailed delivery reports and benchmarks for Email and SMS

Top-level delivery rates

Reporting & Insights

CDP functionality, peer benchmarks, holdout group testing, and predictive analytics

Basic reporting and testing functionalityMust request to exclude iOS MPP opens from email


Email and SMS last-touch attribution, conservative, customisable attribution windows

Email and SMS last-touch attributionDefault attribution: 30-day SMS click and 1-day received

Accuracy in everything we do

Attribution done right

You’ll know when and where a customer converts with customisable last-touch attribution for email and SMS. Using disconnected tools for your marketing channels leaves you susceptible to double-counting sales and investing more in less profitable strategies.

Engaged customers

Sending the right message in the right channel at the right time means higher conversion and lower unsubscribe rates. Irrelevant or redundant messages are a thing of the past.

Maximising revenue

With more targeted messages, you’ll see higher revenue per recipient—and reduce the chance that you’re sending and being billed for texts that your customers don’t actually want.

Klaviyo analytics. Attributed revenue breakdown shows revenue by type (flow, campaign) and channel (email, SMS). Conversion metric performance shows total revenue and 7-day trend.

Easy to use. From day one.

Seriously superior segmentation

Attentive only allows personalization for simple actions, but Klaviyo is inherently flexible. With more than 300 built-in integrations, you’ll have access to data across your entire tech stack in real time.

You can then use that data to segment your customers based on anything relevant, reaching your ideal audience when and where it matters.

It’s simple. More data = better segmentation = higher conversion.

Email that delivers

There’s a reason why over 143,000 brands around the world use Klaviyo email. We have the expertise and tools to help businesses of any size create beautiful email templates that land in the inbox.

What do you get with Klaviyo that you can’t get with Attentive email?

  • A/B testing in flows
  • Transactional email capabilities for shipping updates
  • Deliverability reporting
  • Dynamic “show or hide” content
  • Many more features
A flow to offer a free gift with purchase
with a phone showing the free gift with purchase email

13,000+ brands use Klaviyo SMS to grow

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