The unfair advantage of a powerful ecommerce marketing automation platform

Personalised emails and texts, automatically sent based on how customers interact with your brand.
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Curate your customer's experience

Create memorable moments that inspire more purchases and longer relationships with your customers.


Grow your revenue with email marketing. Pre-built templates and advanced segmentation capabilities that feel simple allow you to send the right message at the right time.


Combine your SMS and email marketing in one platform to create a perfect concert of omnichannel communications, with built-in compliance and more personal messages.

Signup forms

Grow your subscriber lists with signup forms you can target to select website visitors.

Mobile push notifications (beta)

Engage and bond closer with your customers via timely, relevant mobile app notifications

Ecommerce automations

Quickly implement prebuilt automations like a welcome series and abandoned cart, or build your own customer journeys with in-platform access to all the data you could ever want.

Pre-built template libraries

Find templates for signup forms, automations, emails, and texts built using best practices to grow revenue. Easily customise your templates with a drag-and-drop editor—no code needed.

Campaign newsletters

Use one-time-send campaigns (broadcasts) to keep your audience in the know. Our segmentation tool allows you to share the most up-to-date, personalised info.

Social advertising

Transfer unique customer data from Facebook and Instagram to create the most relevant, stop scrolling, look-at-THIS content that really resonates. The right ad, a perfectly curated group of people, at just the right time. Then use these smarts to create look-a-like audiences to help you find even more people that are just as great as your best-of-the-best customers.

SMS conversations

Grow your customer relationships with two-way text conversations (not currently available for alphanumeric sender IDs).

Store and use customer data in one platform

Make your hard-earned data work as hard as you do.

300+ integrations

Our pre-built integrations collect historical and real-time customer data from all your software in one place, including one-click integrations for many popular ecommerce platforms.

Real-time, marketer-friendly segmentation

Quick, simple, granular segmentation for products purchased, website browsing behaviour, order value, and more—all ready to drag and drop right into your customer communications.

Customer data platform (CDP)

Ingest, manage, enrich, and use all your customer data on a single platform—without hiring data engineers or spending months on integration.

Real-time customer profiles

Know everything your customers do—and that our data science predicts they will do— across your platforms and channels (email, SMS, web, etc.) with our activity feeds.

Immediately capture customer behaviour

Drop Klaviyo’s Javascript snippet on your site and instantly begin capturing customer browsing behaviour (don’t worry, we show you how).

Flexible data storage and retention

Our flexible NoSQL data platform provides you with everything you need for data storage, retention, volume, fields, and age.
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Integrate with the most popular ecommerce platforms—with just a click

Never miss a learning moment

Built-in analysis on your best and worst metrics, plus suggested paths to reach your peak performance.

Predictive data

Our predictive analytics can forecast a customer’s next order date, their lifetime value, churn risk, spending potential, predicted demographics, and more.

Rich pre-built and custom reporting

Gain insights on marketing performance, customers, and ROI. We even pull in data from other marketing tools such as subscription billing, review, and loyalty program software.

Peer benchmarks

Benchmarks show how your campaigns compare to those from companies like yours, and offer recommendations for how to improve, so you can focus where it counts.

Automated A/B testing

Test your emails, texts, and signup forms to learn the best ways to communicate with your brand lovers.