Reveal actionable insights with email data and reporting

Take a deeper look at your data. Real-time performance metrics, multichannel attribution, and predictive analytics keep you in the know—and help you stay two steps ahead.

More advanced reporting

Track multi-channel KPIs with built-in reports

Get a custom view of essential real-time data, from opens and unsubscribes to click-through and bounce rates. Then, optimise your strategy with additional insight into:

  • Engagement by campaign
  • Sales by channel
  • Revenue by month
  • Fulfilled orders by month

View the latest data from other platforms you rely on

Track and visualise performance with robust reporting tools that show the full picture of every customer. 300+ integrations sync with your existing tech stack and business software—so you can pull in even more data. Individual customer profiles keep it all organised for smart segmentation and personalisation.

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Fuel growth with predictive analytics

Plan your next moves with help from powerful predictions about customer behaviour. Built-in machine learning forecasts future activity on an individual level, so you can build dynamic segments and personalise high-impact campaigns, including:

  • Churn risk
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Expected date of next order
  • Demographic predictions

Schedule convenient custom reports

Doe Lashes increased repeat purchase rate by 35%

Klaviyo’s analytics are so granular. There’s an entire trail of stuff Klaviyo tells us, which really helps advise on what our next strategy should be.”
Jason Wong, Founder, Doe Lashes
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