Integrate data from your entire tech stack on a single platform

With over 350 pre-built integrations and flexible APIs, you can easily centralise data from across your tech stack on Klaviyo—then activate that data for the most personalised, timely omnichannel experiences for your customers.

350+ pre-built integrations

With over 350 lightning-fast data integrations, supercharging your entire ecosystem with Klaviyo is quick and easy.
Integrate with the platforms you use every day
With centralised, granular data from across your tech stack, you can retain customers and drive revenue quicker with more personalised experiences throughout the entire customer journey. Some of our most popular integrations include:
Ecommerce platforms
Increase sales with easy access to customer, product, and order data to personalise and automate all ecommerce communications, like abandoned cart and back in stock flows
Increase return on advertising spend (ROAS) by retargeting customers with personalised paid and social ads, and attract new shoppers by targeting those who resemble your VIPs.
Point of sale
Drive more in-store traffic and offline sales after customers make an in-store purchase, cross-selling complementary products and promoting in-store events to local customers.
Increase customer retention and lifetime value by automatically welcoming new loyalty members, rewarding your VIPs, and sharing loyalty status benefits and updates.
Helpdesk & customer success
Improve customer satisfaction while reducing support workload. Automate follow ups after a ticket is closed, pause marketing for frustrated customers, and track support trends.
Shipping & logistics
Build trust with your customers while saving valuable time. Automate shipping updates, provide timely order delay notifications, and cross-sell only after a delivery is completed.

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The benefits of integrating your stack with Klaviyo

Brand spotlight

Learn how Who Gives A Crap layers Klaviyo integrations to scale personalisation

Who Gives a Crap used Klaviyo’s pre-built integrations for Recharge, Unbounce, Malomo, and more to bring all their data together. The result is a seamless experience that educates and incentivises their customer, and benefits their business with:

  • 640% email list growth in 3 years
  • 20% of users use Recharge quick actions via Klaviyo
  • 6% of customers modify subscriptions via Recharge links in emails