klaviyo vs. mailchimp

Go ahead, compare. Klaviyo drives growth that Mailchimp can’t.

With smarter segmentation, cross-channel flows, and data consolidation, Klaviyo is built to drive more growth for ecommerce brands.

Have it all—in the platform built for ecommerce

  • Activate centralised customer data

    from across your tech stack to send timely and relevant messages

  • Connect across channels

    with a seamless email, SMS, mobile push, and reviews experience

  • Guide your marketing

    with built-in AI, ecommerce automations, predictive analytics, and benchmarks

  • Grow your business

    including your lists, customer lifetime value, and total revenue

35K brands have switched from Mailchimp to Klaviyo

Klaviyo vs. Mailchimp

With Klaviyo, ecommerce brands get more.




✓ Built for ecommerce & retail marketers

X Built for broad, general use


✓ Update in real-time

✓ Multiple uses—forms, automations, & reporting

X Can take up to 2 hours

X Limited uses, reliance on manual tagging


✓ Advanced flow triggers for email, SMS, & mobile push

X Basic flow triggers, no mobile push


✓ Static & unique coupon codes

X No unique coupon codes


✓ 300+ built-in ecommerce integrations

X Limited ecommerce integrations


✓ Customisable multi-channel & campaign reporting

✓ RFM & funnel analysis (Klaviyo CDP)

X Limited reporting customisation

Template library

✓ 60+ retail-specific automation templates (including browse abandonment, price drop, & back-in-stock)

X No retail-specific automations; generic only

SMS marketing

✓ Available in UK, IRL, FR, DE, NL, US, CA, AUS, NZ

✓ Keyword opt-in, branded links, two-way messaging, age gating, & shipping notifications

X Not available outside of the US

X Basic SMS features


✓ AI for segment creation, email, SMS, & reviews (with A/B testing, peer benchmarks, & predictive analytics)

X Available for email only

Don’t limit your growth. Switch today.

Built for ecommerce, better for ecommerce

We wanted a full overview of the customer, but that wasn’t available in Mailchimp at all.

Sandip Chaudhuri
VP of product marketing, Parts Avatar

Frequently asked questions

Comparing Klaviyo to Mailchimp is a little like comparing apples to bananas. Klaviyo is the smarter platform designed for ecommerce marketing; Mailchimp is a legacy email automation service with clunky functionality. While it may be less expensive initially, Mailchimp hits you with hidden fees and add-on costs. With Klaviyo, every plan includes access to the ecommerce tools you need to drive growth.

Visit our pricing page to estimate your monthly cost.