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Traditional home brewing is notoriously difficult to get right. It involves numerous fiddly processes, specialist equipment, and a lot of patience waiting for the magic to happen. Pinter has changed all that. The innovative brewing system (pronounced Pint-er) uses simple gear and pre-mixed ingredients, carefully developed to brew the perfect pint. It allows beer-lovers to make 10 pints of fresh beer at home. And since no water is being shipped, it’s far more environmentally friendly, fresher and better value than having a crate of beer delivered.

Learn how the home brewing company used email to activate new users and drive customer loyalty


Although Pinter makes brewing beer easy, first-timers still need a few pointers to perfect their first batch. The brand must therefore take the time to activate customers and support them as they begin their brewing adventure, so their first experience is a positive one. 

Another key goal is to convert customers to the Fresh Beer Club, a subscription service that’s central to Pinter’s retention strategy. While some people commit to a beer subscription from the outset, others choose pay-as-you-go, and some are introduced to the product through gifts. This means Pinter’s customer journey needs to be carefully crafted to suit different customer types.


Pinter has expanded rapidly since launching in 2020 and quickly outgrew its first email provider, Mailchimp. The marketing team could see that a huge volume of data was flowing into the business but they couldn’t use it to shape the customer experience in any meaningful way. They decided to switch to Klaviyo in order to centralise customer data from across Pinter’s tech stack into a single customer view.  

With Klaviyo integrated with Shopify, MentionMe and Typeform, the team could leverage data from Pinter’s store, app, customer advocacy programme and quiz. The result? Personalised customer journeys that will scale as sales continue to skyrocket.


The brand’s welcome flow guides customers through their first brewing cycle, helping them to side-step common mistakes. It also encourages key behaviours known to boost loyalty, namely, downloading the app, buying a second Pinter (to double capacity), and joining the Fresh Beer Club. The flow uses trigger splits so customers aren’t prompted repeatedly about actions they’ve already taken. As a result, 58% of customers take out a subscription (almost 3x the original target), 66% download the app, and 10% buy a second Pinter.

Early in the welcome flow, a Typeform survey asks about preferred beer styles. Emails are then tailored to match those preferences, creating highly engaging content and valuable cross-sell opportunities. 

We want to get to know customers and find out what beer they like, whether it’s lagers, dark ale or apple cider. Then, once customers have been activated, we can tell them about the beers we know they’ll love.
Dan Morris
CRM Manager

When Pinter launches a new brewing device, it’s a big deal and important to get the messaging just right. For the Pinter 3 campaign, the marketing team targeted 13 audience segments based on purchase history and the Pinter model owned. Launch emails contained segment-specific offers and benefits matched to each type of user. During the campaign, existing Pinter owners received upgrade messaging comparing Pinter 3’s advantages with their current model – these customers generated 54% of orders.

Klaviyo’s easy-to-implement personalisation and segmentation allowed our launch to be completely customer focused, landing the right messages to the right customers at the right times.
Matt Davis
Senior Retention and Loyalty Manager

Pinter’s reactivation strategy is also sharply focused. If a customer’s enthusiasm for the product appears to be waning, the brand uses everything it knows about them to spotlight what’s new and reinvigorate their interest.

This ambitious brand plans to tap into the US market next. It’s a big move, but Pinter’s marketing team feel confident they have the right technology in place to brew up a storm in America’s fresh beer industry, just as they’ve done in the UK.

Klaviyo’s integration with Shopify and the ability to manage two accounts separately through one login, has allowed us to easily and quickly set up new journeys, both marketing and transactional, for our new USA community.
Dan Morris
CRM Manager
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