Advanced audience segmentation

Segment your way to revenue and loyalty

Access to all your customer data and sophisticated targeting tools make it easy to reach customers with personalised email campaigns that’ll keep your audience coming back.


Make every campaign feel more personal

Ultra-relevant messages are the real moneymakers—and Klaviyo makes sending them a snap. Break your email contact list down into super-focused audiences (also known as segments) so you can target exactly the right people with more influential, tailored email content.

Build segments based on any customer data, including:

  • Real-time behaviour
  • Any historical data, even dating back to the launch of your store
  • Built-in predictions about future behaviour
  • Any other data imported from your ecommerce store, integrated platforms, or API
Email marketing segmentation product illustration from a Klaviyo client

Build your ideal audiences

It’s fast and easy. Define each segment by including or excluding contacts based on eight core parameters.

Real-time data

Go ahead, get super-specific

Hone each segment with as many conditions as you need. Want to target an audience of female dog owners who live in Brighton and are likely to make another purchase within the next 10 days? Now you can.

With real-time tracking, predictive analytics, and flexible conditions, you can finally target valuable segments like:

  • Product-specific audiences
  • Full-price buyers
  • Unengaged customers
  • Last year’s Cyber Monday shoppers
  • Shoppers who’ve viewed the same product 5+ times without purchasing
  • Customers who only make purchases with coupons
  • Customers who only buy on certain days
  • Customers who are most likely to buy within the next 10 days
  • VIP customers (frequent shoppers or big spenders)
Email marketing segmentation of audience in Klaviyo platform

Graza attributes 29% of revenue to email segmentation

We don’t use any paid channels. We have a 50% open rate because our customers want to talk to us. Relationships are critical.”
- Andrew Benin, Co-founder and CEO, Graza
Graza, Klaviyo email client food products displayed on wooden table.
All your customer data

Fuel more relevant messages with a built-in Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Klaviyo’s CDP connects with your marketing website, marketing tools, and more, so you can use all your audience data in one place—which makes it easy to build segments that stay updated in real time. Think of it as the ultimate hub for building smarter relationships and managing omnichannel campaigns.

Track real-time behaviour

Continuously collect data about customer activity, channel engagement, and beyond.

See the big picture

Bring all of your data together, and effortlessly organise it with detailed customer profiles.

Predict what’s next

Forecast future shopping activity, spending, and more with predictive analytics.

Email and SMS marketing segmentation