Customer Segmentation Tool

Reach exactly the right people with customer segmentation

Real-time data makes it possible, increasing customer engagement with personalized, relevant messages. No coding, data scientists, or developers necessary.

Segment right on target, in less time
Segmentation is the fastest way to group your contacts into ultra-precise audiences that update in real time, so you can target messages based on the latest shopping behavior, customer data, and even predictive analytics. You make the rules. The Klaviyo tool does the rest.

Get super-specific

Reach your ideal customer by creating segments with as many rules as you’d like.

All the data you need

Pull it all in with 350+ native integrations, versatile APIs, and your historical data.

Real-time updates

Segments automatically update as customers interact with your website and marketing.

Omnichannel campaigns

Use your customer segments to target them through omnichannel campaigns including SMS and email.

Your secret weapon for powerful personalization

Klaviyo’s code-free, marketer-friendly segment builder goes beyond the basics, so you can target messages based on factors like specific purchases, discount code usage, and predicted customer lifetime value—on top of all the other data you’ve collected. And all your segments update in real time, so your messages stay relevant.

Enhance social ad targeting

It’s as easy as syncing your email list segments with Facebook and Instagram. Your real-time data lets you target ads with more precision than ever, so you can focus on reaching your most important audiences, avoid showing ads to the wrong people, and even create Lookalike Audiences to attract more VIP customers.

An example shows how a shoe brand can target Facebook ads by creating a segment based on customers' predicted gender and past purchase behavior.

Build your audiences your way

Define precise audiences with as many conditions (and as much data) as you need. Segment by factors like:

  • Location
  • Tendency to use discounts
  • Products viewed
  • Purchase history
  • Email and SMS engagement
  • Any other kinds of data you integrate
The Klaviyo dashboard shows that a user has created a custom segment based on specific email and SMS interactions.
Everything you need to know to segment like a pro