Send Fewer Emails. Make More Money.

With Klaviyo’s unparalleled marketing and segmentation tools you can target 1:1 conversations at scale.

Full Feature List

Best Practices Built-In

Immediately start using our library of best practice emails such as cart reminders, recommended products, and other summaries. Start sending in mere minutes.

One Click Integrations

Powerful integrations, like our Shopify integration, allow you to see the entire customer lifecycle. Many of our integrations are set up in one click.

Segmentation Tools

Our segmentation tools allow you to send pinpointed messages to segments of all sizes based on actual shopping, website, and email behavior.

Beautiful & Effective Newsletters

Building responsive and great looking emails is easy with our powerful but intuitive drag and drop email builder.

Analytics & ROI Reports

Our analytics tools let you understand exactly how well (or not) your campaigns are doing. Measure real ROI to make more money.

Customer Profiles

For each visitor and customer, Klaviyo builds a robust profile containing all user behavior so you’ll always know who your best, and worst, customers are.

Administration Tools

Our powerful administration tools give you full control over your Klaviyo email and reporting environment no matter what the size of your organization is.


Klaviyo has a simple, real-time API that makes it easy to see who is visiting your website and what they’re doing. We maintain our own API libraries so you don’t have to.

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are a great way to engage people who sign up on your website or purchase your products. You can send personalized, timed messages with ease.

Abandoned Carts

A built-in best practice, abandoned cart emails make you more money by reminding shoppers of their shopping session. Customize and used in minutes.

Sign up forms & list Growth

Klaviyo has built in tools to let you build pop-ups and fly-outs so you can grow your email list faster and without the need for engineering.

Product Feeds & Recommendations

Include personalized product recommendations in every email you send. Take two minutes to configure your preferences, and inserting recommendations based on bestsellers, trending products, and unique customer profiles into your emails is as easy as dragging and dropping.

“With Klaviyo, I utilize 100% of my email list. Before Klaviyo I was using about 10%.” View more at the Thin Tea Case Study