7 Simple Ways to Get More Reviews for Your Products (and Increase the Quality)

Product reviews are a great way to increase the reputation of your brand and can act as free PR. But just how important are product reviews? According to Search Engine Land, 88% of all consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, with a whopping 85% of consumers reading 10 reviews or more before making a purchase.

Ecommerce Brands that Nail Cart Abandonment (and What You Can Learn From Them)

According to data from the Baymard Institute, 68.63% of carts get abandoned. Let that sink in. More than two-thirds of customers who add something to a cart — an action that’s typically associated with intent — end up dropping everything and walking away. In all likelihood, this means one of two things: We’re all a bunch of tire kickers (a possibility that’s higher on mobile), or there’s [...]

Deciding Not to Discount: 4 Ways to Make It Work

The days of hunting for a bargain appear all but dead. As shoppers, we’ve come to expect that there will always be a promotion or deal. For some businesses discounting can be an amazing tool. Who doesn’t love to see a spike in sales? But it also can lead to addictive behavior on the the sellers’ part and form expectations on the buyers’.

3 Ways to Target Facebook Ads

Think about all of the data you give to Facebook on a daily basis: the posts you like, the videos you watch, the comments you make, and the information you share in your profile. All this data is available to advertisers so they can target their marketing campaigns more effectively. There’s no doubt this makes Facebook one of the most powerful marketing databases that’s ever existed -- but it [...]

Organ Donation, Hickam’s Dictum, and the Power of Psychographic Data in Market Segmentation

In 2008, Duke University behavioral economist Dan Ariely gave a great TED Talk that explored the unpredictability and irrationality of consumer decision making. It’s a fascinating look into why we make the decisions we do and what those decisions are actually influenced by (Hint: It’s rarely self-will). If you’re struggling to understand why your emails, social ads, or other marketing [...]