What’s in a Name: The Tale of Klaviyo

If you’ve ever wondered how Klaviyo found it’s name, or how to properly pronounce it, wonder no more! You’re also not alone. With a few exceptions, everyone who has worked at Klaviyo has gone through that awkward self doubt of, “am I saying this right?”- to the point where the struggle to say it correctly is almost a rite of passage.

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Use Popups in Ecommerce

Pop-ups have been around for a while. Darren Rowse famously used them to grow his photography blog’s audience by more than 800% in 2008 and numerous other marketers have had similar success using pop-ups to build their opt-in lists and drive engagement. Shopify’s Richard Lazazzera does a great job of breaking down the different types of pop-ups and exploring a few impressive success stories [...]

Getting Started with Klaviyo Just Got (Even) Easier

Here at Klaviyo, our goal is to enable marketers to send more relevant and targeted emails to their subscribers -- so, it only made sense that we should take the same approach in our user experience. Today, we’re excited to introduce our new Getting Started page, which is now tailored to each new user's needs and is designed to better facilitate the setup process. Our team worked hard to [...]

Keep Buyers Engaged Post-Purchase

Finding the right email cadence post-purchase can be daunting. How do you establish enough communication to be top-of-mind without being a pest? Most marketers are guilty of over communicating with their customers. A 2015 study by TechnologyAdvice reports that 43% of the people they surveyed feel they are receiving too many marketing emails. At the same time, you want to make sure you're not [...]