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Why Every Business Should Invest in SMS Marketing

Learn why your business needs to invest in SMS marketing to grow your customer base with higher ROI, as data privacy laws change how channels function.

Save Time and Money Without Sacrificing Sophistication: How Salesforce Commerce Cloud Brands Use Klaviyo

Learn about Klaviyo’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge and see how large ecommerce brands use it to grow.

How Improved Product Recommendations Equal More Clicks and Sales for Your Business

Access Klaviyo’s Personalized Recommendation Engine to make more relevant product recommendations to your customers.

Statistical Significance for A/B Testing in Campaigns

Understand in real time if the results of A/B tests are statistically significant. This takes the guess work out of knowing if your tests provide a clear winner or if more testing is required.

Prestashop Integration

Klaviyo has built and maintains a Prestshop integration that syncs transaction, website activity, customer and catalog data. Connect your Klaviyo account to your Prestashop site to bring over all the information needed to deliver personal and timely marketing messages to your customers.

Self-serve Single Opt-in

Paid Klaviyo accounts can choose to move from a double opt-in to a single opt-in for email without contacting Klaviyo's support team. This is great for brands who are collecting email opt-ins from their customers outside of Klaviyo and do not want a redundant opt-in confirmation to go out to their subscribers.

SMS Pre-Built Flows

Klaviyo continues to make it easy for brands to get set up with SMS and start driving ROI from that channel. A new set of flows that include SMS flow actions are included in the flow library for accounts with SMS enabled, taking the guess work out of adding SMS to flows triggered by customer behavior such as joining a list or abandoning a cart.

Complementary Toll-free Number

Brands new to SMS will automatically be assigned a complementary toll-free number that is unique to the brand. This number has great delivery rates and scales throughput until a brand is ready for a dedicated short code.

Add Tax ID to Invoices

Klaviyo customers (especially those outside the United States) need their tax ID or VAT ID to appear on their Klaviyo invoices. This ID can now be added when selecting a plan and updated under the new “Billing Preferences” tab in app. This ID will appear on all Klaviyo invoices after it is added.


Grade Your Growth With Klaviyo Benchmarks

Built natively into Klaviyo, Benchmarks gives you the ability to compare your brand’s performance to businesses just like yours.

Take Your Open Rates to the Next Level with Smart Send Time

Klaviyo’s Smart Send Time is now more versatile and useful with options to identify a Smart Send Time for multiple unique audiences. Find out what’s possible.

Create Beautiful Forms With Custom Fonts

We’re thrilled to announce Custom Fonts in Signup Forms! You now have complete control over your fonts in emails as well as forms.

Get the Right Answer Every Time, Guaranteed, With Klaviyo’s Signup Form A/B Testing

Signup Form A/B Testing uses smart, automated testing to achieve statistically significant results and help you get the right answers to signup form tests. 

Instantly Measure Klaviyo Flows Over Any Time Range

With this update to Flow Analytics, you can quickly understand Flow performance over any time range and use that information to optimize your automations.

Use SMS and MMS Campaigns to Send Text Messages to Your Customers

With SMS campaigns, you can send text messages to your subscribers for any occasion, sale, deal, promotion, or experience. And like with every campaign you send, you have the power of Klaviyo’s segmentation behind your new SMS campaigns to help you send your messages to a highly-targeted audience every time.

Optimize Signup Form Performance With Form Level Analytics

Understanding how ecommerce signup forms are performing is vital to list growth. Klaviyo’s Signup Form Analytics gives you insight into each form.

Send Text Messages to Your Customers with Klaviyo SMS

Klaviyo is excited to announce the addition of SMS. In just a few clicks, you can set up and start sending personalized text messages to your customers. Using Klaviyo, you can create and manage your brand’s customer experience from a single platform—saving you both time and money.

Inline CSS Option

Customers now have the ability to disable CSS inlining, which is no longer required for most inboxes.

Facebook Advertising Centralized Management

The revamped Facebook Advertising Integration page allows you to manage all active Facebook audience and lead ad syncs from a single place. Users can create/modify/delete any sync from a Klaviyo list or segment to a Facebook audience.

Bulk Status Update for Flows

Users can bulk update the status of all Flow actions to Draft, Manual, or Live from the Manage Flow dropdown.

Coupon Versioning and Code Export

Now, coupon versions are tracked for integration-specific dynamic coupons, which associate previously sent codes with the coupon definition they were created with. You can also export your dynamic and uploaded coupons.

Improved SMS Consent Collection

Klaviyo automatically adds SMS consent language into a signup form so you can easily edit, publish, and collect SMS subscribers.

SMS Dynamic Coupons

Klaviyo users can send unique coupon codes to personalize and incentivize SMS via Flows and Campaigns.

Updated Recharge Integration

The Recharge/Klaviyo integration has been updated to sync data using webhooks. Customers who have installed the Recharge integration will now receive their subscription events - Started Subscription, Cancelled Subscription, and Expired Subscription - in real time.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration

The richest, easiest to implement Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration to pull all of your contact data, order history and catalog information for use in your marketing.

Real-time WooCommerce Integration

The Klaviyo WooCommerce integration now operates in real-time. WooCommerce merchants get all the events they need like checkout started, order placed, order fulfilled, etc. created in Klaviyo in seconds.

Klaviyo Javascript Performance Improvement

Klaviyo's Javascript file size was reduced by 25% and the Javascript name thread block time was reduced by an average of 75%.

Support for Magento 2 "Special Price"

Ability to show a special price in product blocks and product feeds in email templates.

Magento 2 Dynamic Coupons

Add unique coupon codes dynamically to your flows so each individual receives a personal coupon code in your welcome series or abandoned cart message.

Smart Send Time Reporting

Enables users to track their Smart Send Time activity and allows them to assess the overall lift from using the feature.

Campaigns Date Filter

Ability to filter Campaigns page by custom date range.

Open Rate Warnings

Alerts customers in instances of low campaign open rates. Helps customers avoid persistent instances of low open rates that can damage sender reputation over time and increase the probability of landing in the bulk / spam folder.

Updated Getting Started with Flows Experience

Added a new and improved experience for new customers discovering & getting started with high-impact Flows. The new experience includes updated visuals and relevant benchmark statistics for each automation.

Increased Phone Number Support

Added flexibility to SMS phone number and consent collection to accept formats beyond E.164

Simplified Personalization of Text Messages

Within the SMS content builder, you can preview messages as different profiles and easily copy/paste dynamic tags to further personalize the content of the message.

Extended List V2 APIs to Create and Update Profiles with Phone Number and SMS Consent

Through the list v2 APIs, you can now create and update profiles using $phone_number as the primary identifier. Additionally, you can use the sms_consent flag to set a profile's SMS consent status.

Account Owner Email Confirmation

A new step in the setup wizard prompts for confirmation of your email address before proceeding to your account. This ensures that we have a valid email address on file and can notify you with important account communications.


The Buzz About AMP: How Brands Can Create Interactive Email Experiences

AMP for email helps you make emails more interactive inside of an inbox. Learn how brands can use it to create rich, interactive email experiences for customers.

Coming Soon to Klaviyo: SMS and Customer Analytics

Klaviyo introduced two new features that will be available in the near future, SMS and Customer Analytics. With SMS in Klaviyo, you’ll be able to send text messages to your customers and manage all your communication channels from one platform. Customer Analytics is an advanced reporting tool in Klaviyo that will give you the insights you need at the customer-level and SKU-level to help grow your business.

Visualize Your Brand’s Growth with Klaviyo’s Activity Map

Growing a store is hard work that deserves to be celebrated. One way to enjoy your brand’s success? Use Klaviyo’s new activity map to see how, from where, and how often your customers interact with your brand.

Turn More Visitors into Subscribers with Klaviyo’s New Signup Form Templates

Creating signup forms just got easier with Klaviyo’s brand new signup form templates. Browse the library of signup forms, pre-built and designed to get the highest conversion rate possible.

When’s the Best Time to Send Your Emails? Smart Send Time Has the Answer.

All marketers want to know the best time to send their emails. With send time optimization, you can automate the process of figuring that out. Use Klaviyo’s new Smart Send Time feature to pinpoint exactly when you should send all of your emails to maximize your audience’s engagement.

How to Use Predictive Demographic Attributes to Personalize Your Marketing [New Feature]

Predictive attributes work by using customer data to learn and then predict characteristics and behaviors. Learn more about Klaviyo’s new predictive demographic attribute and how to use predictive gender to send more relevant emails.

Gain More Confidence Building Your Marketing Automation

It’s now much easier to know if the filters you added to your automation are including and excluding the right people. Use the new Trigger Setup Preview functionality to test your trigger and flow filters and ensure your automated emails are sent to the right people at the right time.

Further Protect Your Klaviyo Account with Two-step Authentication

Protecting your data is important. That’s why Klaviyo added two-step authentication to further secure your account. Learn why two-step authentication is important and how to enable it.

Organize Everything in Klaviyo with Tags

Learn how to tag your Klaviyo campaigns, segments, lists, and flows. Stay organized to save time and focus on implementing your great ideas. Tagging strategies include tagging by location, by user, campaign type, communication type, and more.

Get More Personal With the Upgraded BigCommerce Integration

With an upgraded BigCommerce integration, BigCommerce store owners can now send even more personal emails to their customers. Now, once you integrate BigCommerce and Klaviyo, you can immediately build and publish Klaviyo forms, create a back-in-stock automation, and segment customers based on specific product variants.

Organize and Track Your Links with Customizable UTM Parameters

Use customizable UTM parameters to organize and track your Klaviyo email links more efficiently both inside and outside of Klaviyo. Eliminate wasted time tracking down and accurately reporting link activity and leverage custom parameters to distinguish between campaign and flow emails.

Elevate Your Marketing with the Objectives Tab

Use the Objectives tab as a personal guide for what to do next in Klaviyo. Whether you’re using Klaviyo for the first-time or used it for years, the Objectives tab helps anyone discover new ideas to elevate their marketing and make more money.

Predict When Your Customers Will Reorder

Find out how to use Klaviyo to predict the date of a customer’s next order — and see how you can use it to improve the timing of your marketing outreach. Learn how the predictions work and get inspired by examples of customers with different order behaviors.

Add Variation Letter to Custom UTM Parameters

When sending multiple variations of your campaign email, you can now add the variation letter as a custom UTM parameter. This additional option allows you to quickly compare the performance and link activity of each email in tools like Google Analytics.

Use Emojis in Your Push Notifications

Use the emoji picker when creating push notifications to display the perfect emotion to match your message.

New Integration with ShipStation

With Klaviyo and ShipStation you can send targeted emails to your customers based on the status of their order. Send timely communications about when an order ships, if it's cancelled, and more.

Trusted Devices for Increased Security

The trusted device option now authorizes devices at time of login. Logging in from non-trusted devices will require the user to enter a verification code.

Pre-built Flows for Custom Ecommerce Integrations

The Flow Library now has fourteen pre-built flows for custom ecommerce integrations. From abandoned carts to birthday countdowns, customer winbacks, and more, if you have a custom ecommerce platform you can quickly build both basic and advanced marketing automations.

Preview Text Added to Campaign Overview

You can now view the preview text of your campaign on the campaign overview or variations page.

Self-service Push Notifications

Now, instead of contacting Klaviyo to activate your push notifications, you can set it up yourself. Simply navigate to push notifications within your account and follow the instructions to connect your Klaviyo account to your mobile app.

Redesigned Push Notification Content Screen

The new push notification content screen improves the experience of building and sending push notifications. The builder now supports including titles, emojis, and dynamic variables so you can send more personal messages directly to your app subscribers.

Optimize Your Filtering Strategy with Failed Filter Reasons

Klaviyo Flow Filters help you target your automated messages to the right audience. Understanding who is getting filtered out of your automation, and why, can help you refine how you use these filters. Now, for every recipient that gets skipped, you can see exactly which filter the person failed using the Failed Filter column inside each email’s Recipient Activity report.

Quickly Edit the Subject Line and Manage Flow Email Variations

Now in Klaviyo's Visual Flow Builder, you can quick-edit the subject line of a flow email and manage any flow email variations without any extra clicks. Leverage the configuration side panel to edit subject lines and preview variations on-the-fly.

Filter and Split Automated Email Flows using Predictive Analytics

Users can now build more targeted automated email flows leveraging predictive insights about recipients. Use this feature to better segment your email automation and deliver the right content to the right audience, like building parallel paths in a series depending on predicted customer lifetime value.

Support for Token-based APNs Authentication

Klaviyo switched to token-based authentication for iOS push notifications. Token-based authentication establishes connections more quickly than the certificate-based system and has keys that do not expire.

Variant Level Product Data Now Available on Magento 2

With variant level product data pulled into Klaviyo via the integration with Magento 2, store owners can send more personal emails based on detailed information, such as the color, size, or style, of the products they purchased.

Send Automated Transactional Emails with Your WooCommerce Store

We've upgraded our integration with WooCommerce to include the Fulfilled Order, Refunded Order, and Cancelled Order metrics. Automatically send notifications to your customers immediately after their order is fulfilled, cancelled, or refunded.

Leverage More Data from Your BigCommerce Integration

Our integration with BigCommerce now automatically captures your store’s variant-level product data and the Refunded Order metric. Use these data points to send even more targeted emails about your customers’ purchases.

Account Level UTM Parameter Customization

At an account level, you choose how to populate the source, medium, and campaign values of your UTM parameters with the option to create your own custom parameter—allowing you to seamlessly identify, track, and report on your email links.

Include Emojis in Your Push Notifications

Now, when you send push notifications to your customers you can include fun emojis that drive higher engagement.

Send Emails by Time Zone Without Scheduling Restriction

Whether you scheduled an email for next week or want to send it in the next hour, you can now use the send by time zone feature without scheduling at least twenty-four hours in advance.


3 Easy Ways to Tailor Your Website to Your Visitors

When a visitor arrives on your site to do some holiday shopping, do they see the same messaging as everyone else? See how to showcase super-relevant offers, gift guides, and more.

Add Enticing Preview Text to Every Email

Every email deserves great preview or preheader text, and now it’s easier than ever to do it right. Learn how Klaviyo can help you put the best preheader language into every message you send, every time.

Use Your Emails to Gather Subscriber Preferences

Stop guessing what your customers want…and just ask them! Now you can learn from your subscribers with just one click in an email. Find out how.

Build Klaviyo Automations With Connectors for Shopify Flow

Scale faster with systems that talk to each other. Shopify Plus users, you can now use Connectors for Shopify Flow to build custom triggers that connect to your Klaviyo account!

Get Personal with Expanded Location-Based Segments

We’ve expanded our location-based segments tool to support even more locations throughout Europe and Oceana, helping you build better relationships with your customers by providing them with regionally relevant promotions, sales, and content.

Optimize Form Performance with Form Metrics

Measure the effectiveness of your Klaviyo forms for both tracked and untracked visitors. Use the analytics dashboard to understand the performance of each of your forms to optimize the experience and capture more subscribers.

Personalize Your Marketing with Location-Based Segments

Through location-based segments, you can easily create the best in-person experiences for your customers. Segment on the distance between a profile’s address and a specific postal code to seamlessly connect your digital and physical marketing.

Personalize Onsite Experience with Segment Targeted Forms

Targeted website forms allow you to personalize customer experiences based on your customers prior actions and engagements. Show winback messaging to those who haven’t purchased in awhile and welcome messaging to your first-time visitors.

Create Segments Using Customer Lifetime Value

Using our state of the art CLTV prediction model, you can create segments based on customers estimated lifetime value – bringing the power of the algorithm into action.

Predicting Churn Risk: Our New CLV Model

With access to such a large volume of e-commerce data, we developed a model that is tailored to predicting purchasing in an e-commerce setting – improving its forecast capabilities significantly.

Export Customer Lifetime Value Information

Now, you can export CLV information into a spreadsheet and predict or calculate things like future spending of a segment and average customer value.

Customizable Analytics to Monitor Your Business

Customizable analytics are found on the Analytics tab of the main Dashboard and helps our customers easily identify, analyze, and compare important business and email metrics.

Personalize Signup Forms with Location Targeting

Leverage the ability to identify where your website visitors are located to personalize your signup forms with specific languages and/or improved GDPR compliance.

Improved API for Easy List Subscription & Profile Management

These improved APIs ensure you get your data even faster while also providing more capabilities to manage list membership and edit or retrieve profile information.

Seamlessly Collect Subscribers with Embedded Forms

Create an embedded form for your website within the form builder just as easily as you can build a popup or flyout – no need to edit any code!

AI-Powered Customer Lifetime Value

This powerful CLV feature within Klaviyo trains, and keeps up to date, a mathematical CLV model for your company. The model presents historic CLV, predicted future CLV, total CLV, probability of churn, and the average time between purchases for each of your customers. Knowing, understanding, and monitoring these metrics inform the strategy for how to improve your customer lifetime value and maximize your revenue.

Enhance Retention & Loyalty Using the New Flow Library

The Flow Library consists of creative, pre-built automations that span the customer lifecycle from beginner to next-level marketing ideas. The Library is specifically designed to give every marketer a toolkit for driving long-term engagement and loyalty. Whether you are looking for new experimental automation ideas, or need a prescriptive email flow to turn on immediately, the Flow Library has the automations your business needs to be successful.

Real-Time Integration for BigCommerce Merchants

With real-time data syncing, all the events you need — like checkouts started, orders placed, and orders fulfilled — will be created in your Klaviyo account within seconds of the customer action on your storefront.

Send Unique Coupons in your Marketing Campaigns

While we’ve always supported generating unique coupon codes in Flows, all Klaviyo customers can now populate unique codes in Campaigns. You can integrate a service to generate dynamic codes, or bulk upload unique codes yourself. No more universal codes showing up on coupon-sharing websites when you run important marketing campaigns!

New Location-Based Filtering in Flows & Segments

Location-based filters allows you to build more targeted segments and flows based on where a given recipient is located. With a couple of clicks, you can either restrict an entire flow to exclude EU recipients, or your can split your flow and create a unique path just for those located in the EU, to help with GDPR compliance.

Attract More Signups with Image-Rich Forms

Image-rich forms make it easier to keep your forms on brand. Adding logos, headers, and background images to Klaviyo forms is simple and effective.

Use Date and Dropdown Inputs to Learn About Customers

Date and dropdown inputs are now available to capture information about your subscribers like their birthday or how often they would like to hear from your brand.

Target Forms to Minimize Disruption & Maximize Conversions

Klaviyo has added three features to improve your popup targeting. You can now: control how much time passes between a form closing and it appearing to the visitor again, hide forms to customers already in your account, and run custom javascript on signup forms such as google analytics tracking.

iOS Push Notifications in Flows and Campaigns

For brands with native applications, push notifications are an effective tactic. Sending a push campaign through Klaviyo is now just as easy as sending an email campaign. Push notifications leverage the same segmentation engine to effectively reach highly targeted lists. Reaching your mobile app audience through the power of Klaviyo’s segmentation data provides another group of customers for you to impactfully engage and increase revenue.

Customize Your Back in Stock Triggers with Tags and Categories

This new feature provides more control over which products to include in the back-in-stock trigger. Use your existing product tags to determine which products get the “Notify Me” button and you can even control the button’s language and design.

GDPR Made Easy

To make it easy to verify if a profile consented, Klaviyo displays the latest consent status via the new $consent property shown directly on the customer’s profile in the information box. This property can be updated by using Klaviyo forms or by manually uploading profiles.

Translate Your List Pages into 21 Languages

The boilerplate language on list preference pages and list email confirmations can now be translated to one of 21 different languages.

Learn More About Your Customers with New Inputs in Forms

Checkboxes and radio buttons can now be used in your signup forms to help you learn more about the customers who subscribe to your brand leading to more targeted segmentation in the future.

Make Better Use of Ecommerce Data with Klaviyo & Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow Connectors bring together more data from the apps you use with your store via logic branching and rules. Klaviyo worked closely with Shopify to build a ‘Track An Event’ action within Flow that enables you to send custom events from Shopify to Klaviyo within any workflow.

Magento & Magento 2 Customers: Improved Integrations for Multi-Store Instances

Upgraded Magento integrations to fully support multi-store instances for both Magento and Magento 2.

Use Date-Based Flows to Drive Sales and Build Loyalty

A new date property trigger for automated flows can help you remind your customers about their expiring subscription or send them a birthday coupon. You can choose to countdown to an important date, send emails on the date itself, and follow up afterwards all within a single flow.

Convert More Subscribers with Targeted Signup Forms

With the addition of exit triggering and mobile targeting, you can now use these advanced techniques to convert more site visitors with Klaviyo signup forms.

Supercharge Your Back In Stock Flow with Notification Rules

Updated notification rules provide complete control over the number of subscribers notified about restocked items. This feature helps ensure you don’t notify too many customers about an item that has been restocked but might be in low supply.

Build Popups More Easily with the New Klaviyo Form Builder

Building effective signup forms that drive subscriptions is an important way to grow a quality email list for your brand. The form builder within Klaviyo provides easy-to-design forms, better visitor targeting, and simple, no coding deployment. The improved form builder makes it easier to launch effective forms that attract additional subscribers in a smart, targeted way.

New Tool Streamlines Your Email Automation

This feature allows flows that utilize split paths for increased targeting to unify branches at any point in a sequence to better streamline your automation.

Quick and Easy Profile Data Exports

Improved data extraction to ensure you can get relevant property data about your contacts at a moments notice.

Improve Email Targeting with Custom Object Data

The NetSuite integration is another example of how Klaviyo helps customers acquire and use relevant data about their customers from any tool in their marketing stack.

Move Between Your Accounts Faster with Multi-Account Users

These capabilities make it easier to move between accounts and overall improve the efficiency with which you can leverage the Klaviyo platform as an organization.

Capture More Revenue with Back in Stock Flows

This end-to-end ‘Back In Stock’ feature, available for Shopify users, lets customers subscribe to alerts straight from your website when an item they want is sold-out. The power of Klaviyo flows can take care of the rest and ensure customers who want the previously sold out product are notified as soon as you restock.

Use Rapid Segmentation To Find Opportunities

Build any segment you need on the fly – regardless of segment complexity, account size, or number of profiles – and it will be available in minutes.

Start Adding Rich Data to Contact Profiles with Flows

Use the ‘Update Profile Property’ feature to tag customers as they move through your flows and edit, remove, or create new profile properties.

Be Timely & Targeted with New Triggered Email Tools

Target flow sending using a recipient’s local timezone or restricting sends to particular days of the week. The increased timing flexibility allows customers to be more strategic about when and how often customers receive relevant emails.

Latest Product Updates for Magento

The Magento integration now includes special pricing, store scoping, and catalog scoping.

Introducing Visual Flows and Flow Branching

Automation is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s toolbox. Klaviyo revamped the Flow Builder to be completely visual – creating a better user experience and making it easier to build effective automated email flows. Additionally, the drag and drop editor combined with advanced flow branching unlocks opportunities to build more personalized and targeted customer journeys.


Growing Your Audience Using Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads serve as both ads and a direct lead generation tool that can be utilized on both Facebook and Instagram. Klaviyo’s improved Facebook integration can sync all Lead Ad responders directly to a list in Klaviyo, including the responder’s email and any other custom form fields you’ve defined. This data sync makes it easy to segment leads by the information they’ve shared, or the specific form they’ve filled out, for more targeted outreach – resulting in the maximization of your Facebook Lead Ads.

Shopify Dynamic Coupons Are Now For Everyone

Announcing Klaviyo Coupons for Shopify stores – All Shopify store owners can include custom coupons in their email marketing.

Build Beautiful Campaigns Faster With Product Blocks

The Product Block puts your entire product catalog at your fingertips when you design an email. Simply drop in the block and choose up to nine products to feature — you can search your catalog however you’d like, by product name or ID. We’ll then give you the chance to edit the product title and price, write a custom description, and customize the layout for your block.

Understanding (and Improving) Subscriber Engagement

A new report to help you understand your subscriber engagement behavior and activity.

New Feature: Email Campaign Trend Reporting

A new campaign trends report will show you the results for the last 5, 20, or 50 campaigns you’ve sent.

Dynamic Coupons for Magento!

Never worry about coupon abuse again! Generic coupon codes can end up on sites like RetailMeNot.com and spread beyond your original intention – causing a reduction in potential revenue. In Klaviyo, you can now automatically generate unique coupon codes in email flows for both Shopify and Magento stores. These unique codes are produced for individual recipients – putting you in control of your coupon strategy.

New Feature: Multi-list Campaign Sending

Announcing Klaviyo’s newest feature: sending lists to multiple campaigns.


Enhanced Campaign Cancellation

Ever click send and regret it? No worries, now you can easily cancel a campaign that is still scheduling, scheduled, or mid-send.

Advanced Email Performance Dashboard

At a glance, compare your total revenue to your email marketing generated revenue. In addition, explore how your top flows and most recent campaigns are performing all in a single dashboard view.

Added Source Property for Shopify Order Events

With the source property added to order event data synced from Shopify, segmentation and automated flow filtering is improved by identifying if customers are buying from the web or a specific mobile device (Android, iOS).

Improved Custom Integrations for eCommerce Stores

Custom integrations to eCommerce stores can now sync and store product catalogs from a feed enabling improved product content, like personalized purchase suggestions, to populate within your emails.

In-App Alerts for Integration Syncs

Added alerting for when integrations encounter any sync issues means you can immediately take action to resolve the issue or contact our Success Team.

Mobile Push Notifications

Why stop with email? Klaviyo now supports sending mobile push notifications to both identified and anonymous app users.

‘Out of Stock’ Feature for Abandoned Cart Reminders

For customers worried about stock issues, it is now possible to automatically skip over an Abandoned Cart Reminder email if the recipient’s cart items have gone out-of-stock. While the abandoned cart email flow is an important revenue generator, it is important for you to ensure customers aren’t pushed to purchase products they can’t get. This feature prevents alerting customers about products that are no longer available, which improves their experience with your brand.

Upgraded Email Infrastructure

New and improved infrastructure ensures best-in-class email deliverability.

List Growth Report

Measuring the growth of your lists has never been easier with a new report that not only tracks list growth overtime, but shows a breakdown of growth by source.

Improved Account User Management

Three primary user roles are now available: Owner, Admin, and Manager. Additionally, Klaviyo supports tiered user roles, which allow you to restrict certain levels of access within your account to specific users.

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