Klaviyo vs Listrak for email marketing and SMS text messaging for ecommerce businesses

Seamless integration and migration of data and tech stacks, when you move over to Klaviyo as a Listrak alternative

Integrate immediately and migrate your data. No historic loss of data when you migrate to Klaviyo and integration with Listrak is seamless.

Integrates with your software, platform and systems. The Klaviyo open source api allows any software, platform or system you use with native and custom options.

Data visualization and reporting. With sophisticated reporting tools that sync with any data systems you get accurate visualization and reporting.

Flexible pricing options. Month-to-month plans never lock you in.

Create campaigns without complications

Ready-to-go templates
As a Listrak alternative Klaviyo’s library of proven forms, email templates, and automation flows, get you up and running, fast. Explore options, then make them your own.

Automated A/B testing
Testing turns guesses into data-driven optimizations. With built-in statistical significance, Klaviyo shows you which version won and by how much, so you can keep getting better.

Unmatched segmentation
It’s no exaggeration: segmentation is everything. So use the platform that can segment everything: behaviors, interests, personal characteristics, more. Create targeted marketing that hits the mark.

Flexible data storage

350+ integrations
However many places your data lives, Klaviyo brings them all together (with just a few clicks). The more data you pull in, the more powerful your audience insights and targeting.

Klaviyo is the only ecommerce platform with built-in benchmarks – personalized to your industry, price point, growth rate, and more. See how you’re performing and what to optimize next.

Endless possibilities
So you’re sitting on a mountain of data. What now? You name it. Powered by AI and machine learning, Klaviyo helps you learn more, and get more personal, than ever before.

Pricing without games or gotchas

Clear-as-day rates
We don’t play coy – your time is too valuable. We list our rates online, so you can see for yourself what Klaviyo costs and (more importantly) what ROI to expect.
Price & ROI Calculator

The whole shebang
When you join Klaviyo, you get all of Klaviyo – no upsells, add-ons, or extra fees. Everything in this powerful platform is available to you from day one.

Contracts, shmontracks
Our month-to-month plans keep you in control. Klaviyo customers stick with us because it’s worth it, not because they’re locked in.