The Klaviyo Customer Platform

Own your data.
Own your growth.

The Klaviyo customer platform

Growing a business is complex. Klaviyo brings it all together. By unifying your ecommerce data in one place, you can understand your audience better, deliver personalized experiences, and learn everything you need to make your business smarter.

Everything works as one, accelerating growth and keeping you in control.

Customer Data Platform


Customer profiles, transactions, browsing history, support tickets, website events, text messages—all updated in real time for lightning-fast segmenting.

Customer Intelligence Platform


Get the full story on historical sales. Keep a pulse on day-to-day activity. Plan for the future with predictive analytics. Use smart features that improve performance automatically.

Customer Communications Platform


Grow your business with data-driven, high-impact messages that reach customers on the channels that matter.

When you
own your data
growth comes

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