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ButcherBox drives 5.5x YoY growth in SMS revenue with Klaviyo

"It's exciting to have our customer data, email, and SMS all in Klaviyo under one roof."
Mike Kumlin, senior marketing technology manager, ButcherBox

Ruffwear uses Klaviyo CDP to drive incremental revenue and improve margins

"Getting the right discounts to the right people at the right time gives us better margins."
Ernie Kucera, digital marketing manager, Ruffwear

MESHKI drives 240% YoY growth in global Klaviyo-attributed value

"By bringing SMS into Klaviyo, we’ve been able to consolidate our tech stack, make our workflows more efficient, and access customer data all in one place."
Tiarne Warren, head of trade marketing and ecommerce, MESHKI

"If I could do it again, I definitely would’ve started with Klaviyo earlier."

Ellen Bennett, founder of Hedley + Bennett


“Consolidating our email and SMS marketing into Klaviyo has been a game-changer, not only for conversion and revenue uplift, but has also streamlined our workflow and enhanced our ability to make data-driven decisions to personalise our customer touchpoints.”

Marine Layer

“We have stores across the country, and we have a fast-growing DTC business. Thank goodness we’ve been able to put all our data in Klaviyo.”

Red Clay Hot Sauce

“Seeing a flow mapped out visually in Klaviyo was very different from what I had experienced with Mailchimp. That was a really cool value add.”


“Klaviyo makes it easy for our marketing teams to understand our customers.”


“One great thing about Klaviyo is you always know you can rely on it.”