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Mixtiles unites email and text for a more engaging customer experience that drives nearly 50% of all revenue

In a previous company, I used another tool where it wasn’t possible to set the strategy and execute on these kinds of campaigns—we needed two people. I would set the direction, but someone else did the actual segmentation, building, and sending. But it’s so easy with Klaviyo, I can do it all.
-Guy Pessah, lifecycle marketing manager at Mixtiles
A hand positions a Mixtile on a blue wall. There are other tiles already in place.

HOMAGE increases their SMS subscribers by 40% using Klaviyo

Using both email and SMS in the same platform is a huge advantage, because we’re able to harness that historic customer data and utilize it for a new channel. It’s exciting for us to have both channels work so seamlessly together.
-Justin Nottke, director of digital design at HOMAGE
A model in a gray HOMAGE basketball t-shirt sits with a basketball on a basketball court

Maison Miru sees a 190% increase in email subscribers with Klaviyo

We’re looking for the right customers, not necessarily a target number. It’s a healthy list. That’s what matters to us.
-Trisha Okubo, Co-founder of Maison Miru
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“Nothing is made for ecommerce the way Klaviyo was built around ecommerce.”

Jason Wong, founder of Doe Lashes


Learn how CurrentBody used Klaviyo personalisation to achieve a 58% average email open rate.

Kulani Kinis

Discover how Kulani Kinis used Klaviyo and Gatsby to generate $425K of revenue in 6 months.


Learn how Twining earns 30% of its revenue via email using Klaviyo.

Dana Rebecca Designs

Learn how Dana Rebecca Designs maintains a 51% average email open rate using Klaviyo

Travel Cat

Learn how Travel Cat increased email revenue 49% with a Mailchimp alternative.