About us

143,000+ companies use Klaviyo to power smarter digital relationships

Intelligent marketing automation powered by customer data

  • Activate your data in real-time to better target, personalize and measure all interactions
  • Connect with customers through a seamless email, SMS, mobile push, and reviews experience
  • Guide your marketing with built-in AI, automation, predictive analytics, and benchmarks
  • Grow your audience, your customer lifetime value, and your total value

How it started

In 2012, Klaviyo co-founders Andrew Bialecki and Ed Hallen saw a pattern. Companies had loads of data but couldn’t answer basic questions about their customers, let alone use that data to drive revenue through personalized marketing.

The tech to unite data, analytics, and marketing didn’t exist. So they built it. Today over 146,000 of the world’s most notable brands use Klaviyo’s email and SMS marketing platform.

“Klaviyo provides the tools and playbooks for any creator to have more control, more ownership. It doesn’t matter if you create products, services, or content—or some of each. We believe the best products and creations can and should win.”

—Andrew Bialecki, Klaviyo co-founder

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Andrew Bialecki

Co-founder and chief executive officer

Ed Hallen

Co-founder and chief product officer

Amanda Whalen

Chief financial officer

Steve Rowland


Allen Chaves

Chief technology officer

Carmel Galvin

Chief people officer

Landon Edmond

Chief legal officer

Jamie Domenici

Chief marketing officer

Kim Peretti

Chief customer officer


What’s with the name?

Klaviyo (clay-vee-oh) is inspired by “clavija”, a Spanish word for mountaineering pins—also called pitons. These pitons support climbers as they ascend, and catch them if they fall.

We liken our customers to mountaineers. Our goal is to support and accelerate their climb to the summit.