Benchmark Software

Benchmarking to take the guesswork out of growth

See how your digital marketing performance stacks up against businesses like yours—on the only platform that gives you built-in personalized benchmarks.

Personalized benchmarks
Reach your goals faster by focusing on the metrics that need the most work. Personalized benchmarks show how your performance compares to similar businesses, so you can see where you’re leading the pack—and where you might be falling short.

See the big picture

Find out how your email, SMS automations, and business metrics stack up against your peer group.

Set the right goals

Identify realistic targets and prioritize areas that leave the most room for improvement.

Stay up to date

Benchmarks update every month, so you can track performance against the latest data.

Clear priorities. No calculator necessary.

Don’t waste time revamping the wrong parts of your customer experience. Your benchmarks overview reveals your best- and worst-performing metrics, so you can identify which tests and updates are really worth the effort. When it’s time to get more details, break out specific campaigns, automations, and business data with individual reports.

The Klaviyo dashboard shows a cursor selecting a report on business performance benchmarks.

The only platform with personalized benchmarks built in

The Klaviyo email software makes it all about you—by creating your benchmarks based on your industry, monthly revenue, campaign frequency, growth, and average item value. And it’s all driven by Customer Intelligence, using anonymous data from 100 brands like yours. So you know the numbers you’re seeing are actually relevant.

The Klaviyo dashboard displays the main factors used to determine a home goods brand's peer group.