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Segment creation. Form optimization. Predictive insights. And more.
Klaviyo AI is your guide to smarter digital relationships.

Work smarter. Earn more.


Hey, Klaviyo AI. Help me predict the future.

Just check your marketing crystal ball, built right into the platform.

With predictive analytics, you can forecast:

  • Next order date
  • Lifetime value
  • Spending potential
  • Average time between orders
  • Churn risk
  • Predicted demographics

Another invaluable insight? Knowing exactly which products each customer will like—and likely buy—with personalized product feeds.


All I want to do is win. No matter what.

Find your next wins with Klaviyo AI. Trophies for all.

Beat the competition. Industry-specific benchmarks show how you stack up with brands like yours to discover your next opportunities.

A/B testing
More than testing. Automatically choosing and sending the winner based on statistical significance or your chosen end date—that’s AI.

Forms display optimization
When’s the best time to show customers a form while on your site? AI knows, offering up your form at the time most likely to convert.

Guided warming
Klaviyo offers guidance and warms—or preps—your emails, so they land in the inbox and you get a good sending rep.

Smart send time
AI helps you find the best time to email your customers, helping you get even more opens and clicks.

SMARTER WORK just create it for me?

Almost. You can do a lot more with a whole lot less effort.

Segments AI
All you have to do is type a description of the people you want to reach, and boom. We create the segment for you.

Use AI to create entire SMS campaigns and to generate SMS replies so you can text your customers back even faster.

Email AI
With subject line AI and email blocks, just describe what you want to get an on-brand subject line or block of content for your email.

Reviews AI
Make it easy for customers to review your products with suggested headlines, and make it easier on you to reply with AI-written drafts.

The AI hype is real…but it’s only as good as the data it uses. We use Klaviyo because it has access to the best data, so you can really level up with it.

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CMO at Jones Road Beauty

The AI Trends Report

Discover how your AI usage compares to your peers. We surveyed 1.5K ecommerce marketers about how they use AI today and their plans for the future. See where you stack up.

  • 48% say AI has significantly increased their performance
  • 44% believe AI has helped them more quickly improve customer experiences
  • 50%+ have used generative, predictive, and/or conversational AI in the past 6 months
  • 49% wish they could use AI for performance marketing analytics

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