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SMS marketing is quickly emerging as a tablestake for ecommerce brands looking to grow their customer lifetime loyalty, and their owned marketing revenue. And while SMS messages are short, the time you spend on perfecting your team's SMS strategy shouldn't be.

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Twilio SMS
SMS marketing
May 8, 2023
16 proven SMS strategies to boost ROI

Check out our Playbook to find 16 expert-backed SMS marketing tips on how to build a strong SMS marketing program and maximize your ROI.

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Jax Connelly
36min read
SMS marketing
May 2, 2023
Your holistic guide to SMS marketing

Your guide to a crawl, walk, run approach to SMS marketing strategy. Learn SMS marketing strategies from beginner to advanced.

Profile photo of author Kaleigh Moore
Kaleigh Moore
20min read
SMS marketing
May 1, 2023
10 SMS integrations to un-silo SMS marketing

SMS marketing should be part of your larger marketing funnel. Here are 10 SMS integrations that make it possible.

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SMS marketing articles

SMS marketing
Apr 19, 2024
3 SMS and email automation use cases

Explore 3 email automation case studies to start creating successful flow campaigns that are personalized to your audience. Step up your marketing game today.

Profile photo of author Tiffany Regaudie
SMS marketing
Apr 16, 2024
3 ways to increase email & SMS frequency

Discover strategies for boosting email and SMS marketing frequency to drive results. Learn from real-life examples at Auro Bora, Proozy, & Linksoul.

Profile photo of author Tiffany Regaudie
SMS marketing
Apr 12, 2024
3 effective SMS campaigns use cases

Here are 3 use cases from Klaviyo customers that dismantled data silos by joining their data from SMS and email. Learn how to improve your customer targeting.

Profile photo of author Tiffany Regaudie
SMS marketing
Apr 8, 2024
12 Father’s Day marketing examples to inspire your campaign

Here are 12 sources of inspiration to help you plan your next Father’s Day email or SMS campaign outside the box.

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Emily Riedy
17min read
SMS marketing
Apr 5, 2024
5 tips to grow your email and SMS revenue

Here are five tips and tips from Ezra Firestone that will inspire you to grow your email and sms revenue with Klaviyo.

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In poppy font on a lavender background, image reads, "list growth strategies: 4 list growth use cases that leverage a/b testing." The Klaviyo flag is in the lower right corner of the image.
SMS marketing
Apr 2, 2024
4 creative use cases for email & SMS list growth

Discover strategies for accelerating email list growth. Learn how brands like Creekside Nursery and Bearpaw use A/B testing to boost conversions and revenue.

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In sage capital letters on a cotton brown background with the Klaviyo flag cut out in a lighter shade, image reads, "Memorial Day email campaigns."
SMS marketing
Mar 22, 2024
Your Memorial Day marketing guide

We’ve scoured Klaviyo’s massive email database to come up with 5 of the most common and effective email content strategy approaches for your Memorial Day campaign.

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Bani Kaur
15min read
SMS marketing
Mar 21, 2024
7 ways to reduce your unsubscribe rate for increased retention and engagement

Your unsubscribe rate might seem like a minor metric, but it’s a key piece of your marketing strategy.

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SMS marketing
Mar 21, 2024
Rev up your revenue: 3 tactics to improve repeat purchase rate

Here are 3 practical ways to improve your repeat purchase rate today by leveraging your data to craft a repeat purchase rate strategy.

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10min read