Klaviyo reviews

Built-in product reviews that make everything smarter

Available for Shopify and WooCommerce

Create seamless, connected marketing experiences with your reviews data

Collect more reviews and profile data

Send review requests automatically
Use pre-built flows to send emails or texts when customers are eligible to leave a review.

Enrich your customer profile data
Capture physical attributes and personal preferences with custom review questions. Then, use that data for powerful segmentation and message personalization.

Automatic review follow-ups
5 stars? Thank them for their time. Maybe throw in a promo code.
3 or less? Automatically create a support ticket to help make it right.

Showcase reviews and Q&A to boost sales

Design on-brand experiences
Showcase reviews on your website with flexible widgets, or use custom CSS for max control over how they appear.

Sync reviews to Google Shopping
Reach customers as they’re shopping on Google and drive more traffic to your site.

Verified reviews
That little checkmark goes a long way in building trust. Klaviyo applies it after confirming a review is legit.

Q&A to boost shopper confidence
Customers can ask questions about your products, while browsing questions and answers from others.

Phone with an email that says "Our new Blissful Silk Face Serum is a hit!" with a 5 star review

Get more value from reviews, faster

AI-powered headlines and replies
Encourage customers to submit their review faster with AI-suggested headlines. Use AI to quickly draft replies to reviews, automatically written in your brand’s tone and voice.

Review analytics
Response rates, total reviews, rating trends—monitor it all within Klaviyo. Advanced funnel tracking reveals the time between a customer viewing a review and adding that product to their cart.

Import your existing reviews
Bring your full review history with you to Klaviyo—it’s as easy as uploading a CSV file.

Made In consolidates reviews, email & SMS to grow AOV by 26.1%

Now with Klaviyo Reviews, SMS, and email all living together, we’re able to have that omnichannel marketing. It’s helped us understand what our data’s telling us, and drive a better customer experience.”
Don Smolik, Director of lifecycle marketing, Made In
Reviews pricing

Plans start at $25 a month and scale with your order volume

When you run out of orders, further review requests are paused for that billing cycle.

  • $25: 250 max monthly orders
  • $90: 1,000 max monthly orders
  • $175: 2,000 max monthly orders
  • $300: 3,500 max monthly orders
  • $500: 10,000 max monthly orders

Larger plans are available – please contact sales at sales@klaviyo.com. Learn more in our FAQs below.

Additional reviews resources

Frequently asked questions about reviews

In short, you’ll install the Klaviyo Reviews app on your store, add reviews widgets to your website, and set up email/SMS flows that ask for reviews.

Learn more about getting started with reviews

Explore the rest of the platform
Use pre-built email automations to move customers through the funnel.
Reach your most engaged VIP customers. You can even have 2-way conversations.
Mobile Push
Boost app engagement and delight customers with perfectly timed notifications.