Magnolia Boutique adds 49% more SMS subscribers switching from Attentive to Klaviyo

Industry: Apparel and accessoriesPlatform: BigCommerce


increase in SMS subscribers after switching from Attentive


of revenue attributed to Klaviyo in the same time period


of revenue came from Klaviyo SMS after switching from Attentive

Fashion brand Magnolia Boutique is on a mission to help women on the go feel confident and beautiful. They seek to provide a red carpet experience for their customers with an exclusive clothing line, free shipping, and top notch customer service. One of their key needs is the ability to reliably reach customers via SMS with the right message at the right time.

Learn why Magnolia Boutique switched from Attentive to Klaviyo for SMS


The Magnolia red carpet experience hinges on Magnolia’s ability to create strong personal relationships with their customers. Magnolia originally used Klaviyo for email and Attentive for SMS, but quickly felt that not having all their customer data in one place was slowing them down. They needed a platform that offered a strong integration with BigCommerce, powerful segmentation capabilities, and email and SMS all in one place.

You can’t go anywhere else when it comes to SMS or email and segment the way Klaviyo does it.

Ali McConnell, Marketing manager at Magnolia Boutique


Klaviyo provides Magnolia with one central place for their various teams to gain insights about their customers. Their customer service team uses the purchase data to better understand a customer’s journey, while their merchandising team is able to understand what products people are engaging with in emails. Magnolia’s marketing team can see which emails and SMS messages are resonating most with customers. This level of detail and insight empowers the Magnolia teams to increase the ROI of their marketing efforts.

We can manage every single piece of the customer’s life cycle. We’re able to target them in appropriate ways because of all the data that Klaviyo is able to collect and store.

Ali McConnell, Marketing manager at Magnolia Boutique


Klaviyo’s strong integrations with platforms like BigCommerce, Yotpo, and empower Magnolia to segment their customers based on how often they purchase specific products, if they have any unused coupons, whether or not they’ve left a review, or if they are a VIP member of the Magnolia loyalty program. This enables Magnolia to create targeted messaging via email for more visual messages and SMS for more quick, personal messages.

The granular segmentation coupled with built-in SMS provides Magnolia with everything they need to create personal customer relationships that drive revenue growth, in one easy-to-use place.

We can cater to our audience the way that they want to be contacted, which is really nice, and has really helped us. SMS is driving a ton of revenue for us. We’re realizing a lot of our customers prefer to hear about sales and big collections through SMS rather than an email. We can reach them a lot quicker and in a lot more personal way through SMS.

Ali McConnell, Marketing manager at Magnolia Boutique