Advanced marketing automation doesn’t need to be complicated.

Automated email flows let you make money while you sleep. And with Klaviyo, you don’t need to sacrifice advanced features and powerful functionality for speed and ease of use. Who says you can’t have it all?


Design your ideal customer experience

Mapping out the ideal customer experience has never been so much fun. Klaviyo makes it simple for you to lay out your customer journey end-to-end with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

A/B test your automated emails

Unlike other marketing tools, Klaviyo makes it simple to test and optimize automated emails – whether it’s experimenting with different content, subject lines, or timing of emails in a series.


Branch email flows to get even more personal

Using real-time data to trigger email automation is just skimming the surface. Klaviyo lets you split and branch emails within a series, so you can send each customer down the right path.

Better reporting for better performance

From open rates to sales generated, real-time reporting is integrated directly into each flow canvas. You can easily see how different emails in a series compare to one another.

Set up email flows for your store today

Rich data means more effective marketing

Klaviyo syncs and exposes more data than any other ecommerce marketing platform. Personalize automated email sequences based on customer lifetime value, lifecycle stage, brand loyalty, and more.

Behavioral data

Whether it’s browsing your site, engaging with your campaigns, or making a purchase, you can trigger messages based on what your customers do. Personalize content based on what customers care about.

Customer data

Target by attributes like location or email client, or use information you’ve collected – like gender or birthday – to offer highly personalized messages and tailored recommendations.

Integrated data

Use data from fulfillment tracking services, rewards platforms, helpdesk software, and other marketing tools to send just the right message to your customers at the just right time.

Abandon cart visual flow builder

Limitless options for email automation

Combine what your customers do with what you know about them to take your marketing to the next level. Set up your customized automated email flows once, then sit back and watch your sales climb.


Match post-purchase notices to customer lifecycle

Give first-time customers an extra thank you and acknowledge the loyalty of repeat shoppers.

Customize incentives based on abandoned cart value

Offer discounts selectively based on how much the abandoned cart is worth.

Personalize browse abandonment messages

Acknowledge your frequent buyers, and help get prospective first buyers over the line.

Target your offer to maximize profit

Welcome new signups with either a free shipping offer or a discount, depending on their location.

Tailor your winback strategy to customer value

Pair your winback offers with past purchasing behavior to optimize your ability to bring back VIPs.

See more examples:

Start making money while you sleep

Get started with automation fast

Just getting started with ecommerce marketing automation? Klaviyo’s pre-built email flows make it even easier to get up and running quickly. There’s no faster way to start selling more.


Abandoned cart emails

7 out of 10 shopping carts are abandoned. Recover more of them and drive up sales with Klaviyo’s pre-built abandoned cart series.


Automated win-back

Turn one-off shoppers into loyal customers with special offers, replenishment reminders, or a friendly invite to come back and see what’s new.


Welcome series

First impressions are everything. Trigger flows to welcome new subscribers to your brand and introduce them to your best-selling products.


Browse abandonment

Convert curiosity to cash. Customers who look at products are much more likely to buy, especially when you send them a timely reminder.

See the results of automation in action

bombtech golf
BombTech Golf calls their welcome series “the one that pays the mortgage.”

Find out how email flows have them on a path to setting a new revenue record.

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Abandoned Cart Benchmark Report
Abandoned Cart Benchmark Report

We analyzed 9M abandoned cart emails to bring you data on cart recovery rates, subject lines, and which discounts get customers to seal the deal.

Get inspired to recover more carts
Email Benchmark Report
Email Benchmark Report

See how automation is delivering revenue for a thousand Klaviyo customers. We crunched the data from 1,501,929,496 of their emails to find out.

See how your results compare

Set up email flows for your store today

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