Klaviyo SMS

Smarter SMS marketing powered by all your customer data

Join the over 19,000 brands who get even more out of SMS with the Klaviyo unified platform.

Text your way to better results

Smarter sending

Seamlessly use texting with all your other channels and data for the most personalized customer journeys.

350+ integrations

Use data from across your entire tech stack to create personalized SMS experiences, like shipping alerts, subscription reminders, and loyalty updates.

Built-in compliance

Send messages confidently, ensuring compliance and building subscriber trust to boost engagement.

Clearer insights

Goodbye guesswork. With more accurate multi-channel attribution and reporting, be confident in your wins and opportunities.

Multichannel performance reporting

Pinpoint your SMS opportunities with a single view of your trends in subscriber growth and engagement across channels.

SMS deliverability hub

Improve deliverability with insights that allow you to optimize in real-time and protect your top-notch sender reputation.

Faster growth

Accelerate your SMS revenue and list growth with smarter A/B testing, AI-driven optimization, and easy global expansion.

Form display optimization

Boost form completions by optimizing when forms appear on your site.

Brands like yours send smarter and earn more with Klaviyo SMS

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SMS marketing is the practice of sending customers and prospects marketing messages, promotions, announcements, reminders, and more by text message. Learn more about SMS marketing.