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Ecommerce brands use Klaviyo to increase the ROI of their email marketing

With Klaviyo, you can track every click and purchase to optimize your campaigns and increase your revenue. Join the thousands of successful ecommerce brands who trust Klaviyo to skyrocket their email marketing ROI.
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Build flows for every touchpoint, moving customers through the funnel.
Promote sales events, announce new products, send newsletters, and more.
Drive more revenue with hyper-relevant campaigns powered by real-time data.
Learn how your KPIs stack up to peers. Get step-by-step guidance to improve.
Tailor 100+ essential templates to your brand’s needs with ease.
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Draw inspiration from a growing collection of top-performing emails.
pre-built automations: cart and browse reminders, in-stock alerts, and more
customizable templates: newsletters, new products, sales, holidays, and more
average open rate for automated emails
$14 billion
online store revenue driven by Klaviyo email and SMS automations in 2022

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Unify your data for more powerful email marketing

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Klaviyo seamlessly integrates with major ecommerce platforms.

Integrate your tech stack

Automate workflows with top tech tools like Google Ads, Recharge, Gorgias, Okendo, and hundreds more.

Build custom solutions with APIs

Klaviyo’s thriving developer community is using new APIs to programmatically access Klaviyo and speed up development.
Moving to Klaviyo has revolutionized our email marketing and simplified my life as a developer. Robust A/B testing tools have improved our email campaign response rates by 33%. And we’ve finally been able to automate our back-in-stock flow, including coupons, eliminating a bunch of custom code and manual labor.”
—Mark Tonkelowitz, co-founder of Maison Miru
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