Campaign Management Software

Maximize your sales with omnichannel campaigns

Easily build personalized marketing campaigns that maximize engagement and increase revenue, all powered by your customer data.

Automate your marketing campaigns
Campaigns are one-time sends to an audience, also known as broadcast messages. Using a marketing automation platform they’re a great way to let your customers know about new product launches, sales announcements, and for newsletters about your business. To improve deliverability (making sure they get to those inboxes and phones) and improve click through rates, they need to be done right. That’s where Klaviyo comes in.

Customer segmentation

We make it simple to segment your customers, so you can personalize campaigns with the info that interests them.

Campaign personalization

Give the power to the people. With campaign personalization, customers can choose how they want to hear from you.

Customer profiles

Create advanced customer profiles to send highly personalized messages that speak directly to your customers’ with Klaviyo’s built-in CDP.

Pre-built templates

With pre-built templates that you can brand with just one click, sending personalized emails is easy. No code required.

Not just another software.

Who has the time to manage multiple platforms for communicating with your customers? Not you, that’s who. We provide all the tools you need to reach your customers in one place…unlike cough, cough…some other folks.

Create and send SMS, email, or mobile push campaigns, automated flows (like an abandoned cart series or review requests), and gather data instantly. With everything under one roof, you can save money, make more strategic decisions, and improve the customer experience. (Ready to switch?)

An email and a text message about throw pillows

Batch and blast? That’s yesterday’s news.

These days, it’s all about making it personal. Send an SMS or mobile push campaign to your customers who get giddy over the buzz of a text. Create a list segment of just your true blue fans and email them about your snazzy new blue skorts.

Whether it’s a drip campaign, a transactional email, or a special campaign scheduled for the holidays, the more personalized the SMS, email, or mobile push campaign, the higher the engagement. That means more revenue for you.

An email about throw pillows for customers who are active female users
All-in-one campaign management


Email segmentation for campaigns based on customer behavior.

Drag and drop template builders

Easily create campaigns, with email templates no code required.

Send time optimization

Use email data to hit their inbox or phone at the right time for them.

One-click personalization

Create personalized campaigns to targeted email lists.

Best-in-class deliverability

Ensure every email gets delivered to your customers’ inbox.

Data reporting

Gain insight into what’s working and opportunities for growth.