Campaign Management Software

Maximise your sales with omnichannel campaigns

Easily build personalised marketing campaigns that maximise engagement and increase revenue, all powered by your customer data.

Automate your marketing campaigns
Campaigns are one-time sends to an audience. They’re a great way to let your customers know about new product launches and sales, plus for communications like monthly newsletters. But to have high deliverability (making sure they get to those inboxes and phones) and actually influence revenue, they need to be done right. That’s where Klaviyo's campaign features come in.

Customer segmentation

We make it simple to segment your customers, so you can personalise campaigns with the information that interests them.

Campaign personalisation

Give power to the people. With email and SMS personalisation, customers can choose how they want to hear from you.

Customer profiles

Create advanced customer profiles to send highly personalised messages that speak directly to your customers’ with Klaviyo’s built-in CDP.

Pre-built templates

With pre-built templates that you can brand with just one click, sending personalised emails is easy. No code required.

Cohesive, connected campaigns

Launching a campaign is no small feat. So make sure the time and energy you put into your campaigns doesn’t go to waste by creating a cohesive customer journey for each campaign. That way, your campaigns will generate revenue long after you hit the send button.

How? By launching your SMS and email campaigns alongside automated flows (like an abandoned cart series), and gathering and analysing data instantly. With everything under one roof, you can save money, make more strategic decisions, and improve the customer experience. (Ready to switch?)

An email and a text message about throw pillows

Batch and blast? Not with today's spam-sensitive consumers

These days, it’s all about making it personal. Send an SMS campaign to your customers who get giddy over the buzz of a text. Create a segment of just your true blue fans and email them about your snazzy new blue clothing line.

Whether it’s a drip campaign, a transactional email, or a special sale campaign, the more personalised the SMS and email campaign, the higher the engagement. That means more revenue.