An example of a Klaviyo book the email marketing table stakes guide

Email marketing foundations 101:

Email marketing is about a whole lot more than just sending a few emails to your prospects or customers. Some brands leverage it to see as much as 45% of their entire revenue coming from this channel––and in general, best-in-class email marketing programs drive 30% of a brand’s total revenue.

This makes email marketing a fantastic channel to better balance your paid media acquisition efforts, and grow lifetime value on your path to profitability.

In our email marketing table stakes guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Visualize the customer journey so you can build an email strategy that speaks directly to each person, exactly where they are at with your brand––at scale.
  • Grow your email list and convert first time shoppers––and then keep them coming back for more.
  • Nurture customers post-purchase to keep them engaged with your brand and turn them into repeat buyers.
  • Engage with your best customers through strategic segmentation, and build your most loyal audience and superfans one email at a time.
  • Drive incremental revenue through email campaigns that keep you selling and optimizing year-round.

Why invest in email marketing?

Average ROI of email marketing for ecommerce brands
Higher conversion rate than social media channel