More is more

Klaviyo does what Attentive can’t

Klaviyo allows marketers to create highly-targeted SMS campaigns using customer behavior and preferences that seamlessly integrate with email marketing for maximum revenue impact.

Choose the platform that does more

It isn’t just the quantity of channels in our unified platform of SMS and email (plus push notifications, social ads, and signup forms) that makes us the stronger partner for businesses of all sizes.

The quality of our features connects you with the right customers in the right channel with the right message. Translation: your business is growing more efficiently than it ever could with Attentive.

Accuracy in everything we do

The Klaviyo product showing that it can attribute a purchase to an SMS or an email

You’ll know when and where a customer converts—unlike Attentive’s attribution, which can’t tell whether a customer converted because of a text they received from Attentive or an email they received from Klaviyo sent within the same attribution window.

The Klaviyo product showing that it can attribute a purchase to an SMS or an email

Seriously superior segmentation

Attentive only allows personalization for simple actions, but Klaviyo is inherently flexible. With Klaviyo’s built-in customer database and more than 200 integrations, you’ll access actionable data in real time.

You can then use that data to segment your customers based on anything relevant, reaching your ideal audience when and where it matters.

It’s simple. More data = better email segmentation = higher conversion.

SMS message about loyalty points and a shaving set going on sale
Easy to use. From day one.

Design, segment, test, launch

Launching effective flows and email campaigns across SMS and email is easy. Plus, we make A/B testing your messages a cinch.

Extensive support

Easily accessible strategic and technical help when you need it, including resources like guided setups, live trainings, SMS certifications, and more.

Powerful reporting

With Klaviyo’s multichannel and email reporting, you’ll get actionable insights that put you in control of your marketing.

Centralized texting

Message customers in the US, CA, the UK, and AU from the same Klaviyo account. (Psst. You can’t with Attentive).

Transparent pricing

With our transparent pricing model based on the number of profiles you send to, you can budget accordingly. No long term contracts, and you can even try us out for free.

Stay compliant

We automate consent management for email and SMS so you know who’s subscribed and unsubscribed from each.