Mira increases email and SMS revenue by 252% in 6 months

Mira's fertility tracker and app


revenue attributed to email and SMS marketing


email revenue growth in 6 months, across 5 countries


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Mira is a California-based healthtech brand whose innovative home testing products allow people to actively manage their health. It is the first and only company to integrate lab technology into a palm-sized fertility monitor, and with this, women can understand their hormones in the comfort of their own homes. Over the last three years Mira’s revenue has grown by over 1,300%, making it one of America’s fastest growing private companies.

Learn how Yocto transformed Mira’s CRM program using Klaviyo email and SMS


Mira had multiple entry points into its email and SMS program, including a mobile app, blog, webinars, and a variety of lead magnets. The brand’s content reflected its diverse audience but once people signed up, the customer experience was quite generic. So, although women were tracking their fertility for a number of different reasons, the marketing messages they received didn’t always resonate with them. 

To make matters worse, Mira was using separate marketing platforms for email and SMS. This created a tangle of overlapping automations that resulted in customers being bombarded with emails and texts. Unsurprisingly, engagement was spiralling downwards.


Mira adopted Klaviyo and partnered with the CRM experts at Yocto to transform its marketing program. Klaviyo synced the data from Mira’s Shopify store, app and Typeform quizzes, creating a unified customer profile for users and prospects. Yocto audited Mira’s automations and developed a segmentation strategy to reset customer engagement and introduce more personalization. The agency also switched SMS marketing from Attentive to Klaviyo, bringing the email and SMS channels together into one platform.

We wanted to use SMS to reach users who weren’t engaging with email, and exclude those who were, but we couldn’t do that with Attentive. We can use SMS in a more targeted way with Klaviyo.
Max Ryabchinskiy
Senior Email Strategist, Yocto


Mira now has several distinct customer journeys based on acquisition source and health goals. Yocto created tiered engagement segments and a variety of exclusions across the entire customer lifecycle to make the messaging incredibly targeted. As a result, women who are trying to conceive using IVF receive different content to LGBTQ+ users and people who are avoiding pregnancy altogether.  

With the user journeys meticulously mapped, the next step was to automate all the touch points. Altogether, Yocto has created 85 flows in Klaviyo. It was worth the effort: revenue from email and SMS has increased by 252%, with flows generating 50% of that.

By eliminating overlapping in core flows, we saw a substantial improvement in flow performance, which boosted revenue and also significantly elevated key email metrics. We also introduced key missing flows to prevent user churn, provide support throughout the brand journey, and enhance the user experience.
Max Ryabchinskiy
Senior Email Strategist, Yocto

Mira’s fertility app enables women to track their cycle and share when they’re pregnant. Users are tagged once they reach this important milestone so they can be suppressed from the brand’s core flows and campaigns. Instead, the brand sends them offers related to pregnancy health and asks for reviews and other UGC.  

The app itself triggers several email and SMS flows to onboard customers, gather insight, and reactivate lapsed users. But now, careful targeting means it no longer sends users a stream of duplicate messages. 

One of Mira’s key goals was to develop a quiz that triggers emails containing personalised content based on users’ responses. The Klaviyo-Typeform integration made this easy for Yocto to set up. Data from the quiz is pushed to Klaviyo so prospects can be segmented by their fertility objective and other characteristics. The resulting email flow contains customized tips and a fertility roadmap.

With the quiz results flow, we’ve observed a significant uptick. Emails for post-quiz subscribers have shown a 20% higher click rate compared to similar emails without quizzes. Additionally, the placed order rate showed an increase of nearly 30%.
Max Ryabchinskiy
Senior Email Strategist, Yocto
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