Customer data platform

A reimagined CDP for businesses of all sizes

Store, manage, and analyze customer data at scale. Then, put it to work more efficiently than ever. All on one vertically integrated platform.

You’ve seen what Klaviyo can do. Now extend its impact.

Data features

Enhance data accuracy and deliver deeper personalization with tools across your tech stack.

Data transformation

Clean up and reformat profile data without the need for hosting or IT involvement.

Improve data accuracy and consistency

Standardize formatting across profile properties that have been manually entered or pulled from multiple data sources.

Segment more effectively

Edit values at scale to ensure clean results. For example, make sure “CANADA,” “canada,” and “CAN” all appear as “Canada” when entered for the profile property “country.”

Group membership API

Query a website visitor’s segment or list membership in order to deliver dynamically personalized web experiences.

Create powerful web experiences

Personalize page content based on a site visitor’s previous interactions and preferences. Suggest specific blog posts, products, and more.

Display dynamic pricing and promotions

Tailor pricing and promotions based on a profile’s recent behavior, loyalty status, or RFM group.

Data warehouse syncing

Easily send customer data outbound to a third-party warehouse or object storage at a regular cadence.

Get a 360-degree view of each subscriber

Sync Klaviyo with other systems to create standardized profiles based on data from multiple platforms.

Identify optimization opportunities

Establish a basis for future testing by running attribution, surfacing custom insights, and analyzing existing historical data.


Save time and maximize data consistency by sending event data to any other system in your tech stack, at scale and in real time.

Remove unsubscribed profiles from distribution lists

Sync unsubscribe data across platforms to ensure that the contact is removed from all email distribution lists.

Sync channel engagement data to analytics tools and beyond

Enhance analysis by sending engagement metrics (such as opens and clicks) to outside tools, like Amplitude.

Anonymous visitor activity backfill

Enrich profiles with more historical data by tracking each site visitor’s browsing behavior and adding it to the relevant profile once it’s identified.*

Target window shoppers

Use historical shopping behavior to create an audience segment of people who viewed numerous products before subscribing.

Offer more relevant product recommendations

Personalize email and SMS campaigns with specific products that a site visitor viewed prior to subscribing.

*Available to all Klaviyo users as of August 2023.

Solve the problems that hold your business back

Support your entire business with a single source of truth

Intelligence features

Strengthen your marketing strategy with deeper insight into audience behavior and business performance.

RFM analysis

Target audiences more effectively by grouping customers based on purchase recency, frequency, and monetary value.

Increase retention with targeted win-back campaigns

Create “needs attention” and “at risk” segments in seconds, and send personalized offers that encourage customers to purchase again.

Optimize marketing activity by analyzing past impact

Learn how specific marketing activities impacted customer retention by exploring how purchase behavior changed over time.

Funnel analysis

Identify opportunities to increase conversions with custom funnels based on customer interactions.

Improve flow performance

Identify where engagement drops off and optimize underperforming messages with personalization, discounts, or content updates.

Optimize cross-channel strategy

Spot where an email flow is underperforming, and experiment with delivering content via SMS message or push notification instead.

Custom CLV

Analyze historical CLV and predict future CLV more accurately with custom models.

Predict top Black Friday/Cyber Monday customers

Set a custom timeframe to identify top Black Friday/Cyber Monday customers based on past purchasing behavior.

Cross-sell and upsell based on predicted behavior

Identify customers who are likely to buy soon, and offer a discount to encourage purchasing an additional item.

Audience performance reporting

Compare audience segments based on size, change over time, and conversions by channel, for any date range.

Identify top-performing segments

Compare email and SMS conversion metrics to identify the top segments for each channel.

Address negative trends

Identify underperforming segments and test new messaging, special offers, or upselling tactics to help drive engagement.

CDP pricing

Plans start at $500 for 100k profiles

Pricing is based on number of profiles.

  • Discounted pricing at volume
  • No setup or implementation costs
  • Currently available to all Klaviyo customers with a paid plan



A customer data platform is a tool that serves as a brand’s single source of truth about its customers. It can pull customer data from multiple sources, structure that data, and make it available to other systems throughout the brand’s tech stack.

However, it’s important to note that CDP capabilities vary greatly from one platform to the next. Some don’t offer much more than a persistent, unified database. Others, like Klaviyo, include additional capabilities to help you do more — and even replace multiple pieces of software with one seamless solution. Klaviyo’s CDP is a unified database at its core, but on top of that, it’s designed to help you store your data, analyze it, and use it all more effectively.