ESP Migration Checklist: Three essential steps to take before replatforming

Undertaking an email service provider (ESP) migration in an economy rife with uncertainty is no easy feat. Learn what steps industry experts from Northern Commerce, IM Digital, and Tomorrow say should be on your pre-migration checklist and why they’ll benefit your future goals.

What to expect in this guide:

Once you feel confident that replatforming is the right move for your business, you have to plan accordingly and build a comprehensive roadmap in order to execute a successful adoption of your new platform.

Industry professionals explain 3 crucial ways to do your due diligence as you gear up for ESP migration:

  1. Build your roster of stakeholders
  2. Give yourself plenty of time, at the right time for your business
  3. Audit and clean your data before you move everything over

“A marketing strategy is only as good as your data.” – Jen Brennan, director of digital marketing, Northern Commerce


ESP migration checklist for ecommerce

title page for the 3 essential steps for replatforming PDF and an inside look at the coverlet