ESP Migration Guide for ecommerce: why switch and what to expect when you replatform

Learn how to approach an ESP migration with 10 smart versus weak frameworks, according to industry experts at Northern Commerce, IM Digital, and Tomorrow.

What to expect in this guide:

The decision to migrate email service provider (ESP) isn’t one that teams and businesses make lightly, but that doesn’t always mean brands choose to replatform for the right reasons.

Making a switch is usually a complex and time-consuming process and if not done for the right business use cases can lead to a decline in email delivery, engagement and ultimately, cause negative financial effects.

So we asked the experts. We uncovered the strong versus weak reasons for choosing to replatform and the consequences of those decisions. In this guide. you’ll learn:

  • Five strong frameworks for deciding to migrate ESPs
  • Five weaker frameworks, that won’t set you (or your expectations) up for success
  • Expert advice from industry professionals who’ve worked behind the scenes during countless ESP migrations
  • Where to get started if an ESP migration is on your list of goals for 2023
  • Why other brands and agencies switch to Klaviyo as their preferred ESP

A sneak peak at what the experts have to say


ESP Migration Guide: why switch and what to expect

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