The advanced email marketing playbook

Scalable email marketing tactics to personalize, optimize, and automate your strategy for more revenue, more ROI, and more profitability.

Step-by-step strategies that go beyond the basics

This playbook will take your email marketing program far beyond the basics by showing you how to test your assumptions, collect more customer data, and analyse your results to drive more personalisation, retention and revenue.

Advanced email strategies we’ll cover:

  • A/B test sign up forms
  • Use a quiz or survey to collect customer preferences
  • Build a content calendar based on email engagement
  • Target customers based on location, churn risk, or brand/product/category-specific interest
  • Dynamic variable syntax based on profile data
  • Advanced flow segmentation
  • ESP tagging and reporting

Advanced ecommerce email playbook

The Klaviyo advanced email marketing playbook sample

Unlock >60x ROI from Klaviyo with advanced strategies.