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Get access to over 100 RFP questions you can customise to suit your business needs—all to standardise your evaluation criteria against a handful of vendors.

What problem does an RFP solve in ecommerce marketing?

A request for proposal (RFP) helps you to clearly articulate exactly what business needs you’re trying to address—in clear, actionable language with measurable criteria—so that different vendors can more accurately identify whether their product or service is capable of meeting, or hopefully exceeding, your expectations. 3 reasons ecommerce brands use RFPs:

To get on the same page internally

You set clear parameters from the get-go and can hold your internal stakeholders accountable to them during the vendor evaluation process.

To get on the same page with vendors

A request for proposal closes the gap between what your business needs are and what a vendor can accomplish, and reduces new vendor risk by vetting their practices before agreeing to work with them.

To compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges

A standardised set of questions not only streamlines the process of vendor comparison into something more organised and unbiased, it also keeps the spotlight on the problems your business is looking to solve—not the ones each vendor thinks is most important, based on their own selling points.

What sections should brands include in an RFP?


Free RFP template

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