The power of segmentation to drive revenue

In this action-packed and example-filled guide, you’ll find dozens of tips for smarter, scalable personalisation via segmentation that you can implement and test in your marketing strategy right now.

Consumers want more personalisation. Segmentation is the key to making it scalable.

Personalisation can be a scary word, especially the bigger your company gets. But you don’t have to create individualised 1:1 communication for every single prospects or customers that goin your email or SMS list.

Strategic use of segmentation and dynamic blocks in Klaviyo will make messages appear 1:1 to the reader, without the manual labour of making that a reality on the backend.

In our power of segmentation guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Segment strategically––segmentation is personalisation, after all.
  • Leverage automations + segmentation to scale (and not burn out).
  • Leverage segmentation to understand the impact of iOS15.
  • Benchmark yourself against others in your industry (and eventually, against your best performing campaigns).

Less stalking, more talking. Segmentation is how you scale.


The power of segmentation to drive revenue

Klaviyo book example of The power of segmentation to drive revenue