SMS conversations

Business texting software for better customer experience

Answer incoming questions, gather feedback, and strengthen relationships. Klaviyo’s SMS conversations lets you send personalized responses to any customer.
Send and Receive SMS

Use business texting to deliver better service

Facilitate personal, two-way sms conversations and offer top tier-support across all your channels.

  • Read and reply in real-time to incoming text responses to your campaigns and flows
  • Send informed SMS messages to customers’ questions by accessing their entire profile, shopping history, and even predicted behaviors
  • Connect, build trust, and drive revenue by having 1:1 SMS conversations with your customers
Texting for Support

Connect your help desk for higher engagement

Unify your support efforts to drive engagement by connecting to the help desk software you know and love.

  • Gorgias and Zendesk users can automatically sync customer records and responses, create tickets, and send text messages from their help desk system
  • Reply to incoming texts instantly either through Klaviyo or your help desk platform
  • Keep a complete record of customer interactions in your help desk and Klaviyo
Quick Messaging

Save time with quick text responses

When it comes to SMS support, faster response times are key for resolving issues.

  • Save your support agents time and effort by saving, creating, and using common text responses to questions and problems
  • Edit quick responses before sending to personalize to an individual’s situation
  • Keep your brand voice consistent, no matter who is replying