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Introducing the easiest way for shoppers to buy, without ever leaving their text conversation.

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Klaviyo and Shop Pay

How text-to-buy works for shoppers

  1. Reply with BUY keyword to initiate order
  2. Check out with Shop Pay (as a Shop Pay customer, your payment and shipping details are remembered)
  3. Text CONFIRM to complete order

How text-to-buy works for brands

  1. When creating a new SMS message in a flow or campaign, include the option to purchase with a keyword
  2. Customer receives SMS message and confirms their order with a text reply
  3. Confirmation text is sent to the customer
  4. Klaviyo automatically processes the order with Shop Pay, all within the text conversation

Drive more sales with SMS, faster

  • Make it easier than ever to buy with Shop Pay and a text reply
  • Shop Pay is the #1 accelerated checkout in the US on Shopify
  • Speed of Shop Pay compared to standard checkout: 4x
  • Provide a frictionless experience

Use SMS to foster customer loyalty

  • Keep customers coming back with a convenient way to pay
  • Up to 85% of Shop Pay users become repeat buyers at any Shopify merchant within 12 months
  • Nurture stronger relationships across the customer journey

When to use text-to-buy

Anticipate customer needs and send text-to-buy campaigns that drive action for back in stock items, product announcements, and more.

Back in stock

Notify waitlist customers and let them buy right over text

Promote products

Promote your best-selling or newest product and convert via text

Refills & reorders

Make it easy for customers to purchase over text when it’s time for a refill

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Klaviyo and Shop Pay