Email marketing

Once touted as a “dead” marketing channel, email marketing is back on the rise––accounting for 30% or more of ecommerce brands’ revenue. Better yet, its high ROI and profitability make it one of the best marketing channels to double down on in bear or bull markets.

Email marketing articles

Email marketing
Oct 24, 2023
How to use email tags to improve cost effectiveness

Learn about how to use Klaviyo’s custom profile properties to tag your emails and build cost-efficient email campaigns.

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Annie McGreevy
13min read
Email marketing
Sep 22, 2023
Marketing FAQs to help email deliverability

A complete guide to bounce-back emails, including the difference between soft and hard bounces and how to reduce bounce rates for better deliverability.

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Drew Sanocki
15min read
smaller version of red card for the email for small businesses header
Email marketing
Sep 12, 2023
Email marketing for small businesses

Discover how email marketing can help small businesses reach new audiences and drive revenue through buyers turned long-term customers.

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green header image with bar graphs for email reporting
Email marketing
Sep 7, 2023
Do more with your email reporting

Your email reporting tool determines how deep you can go into performance metrics—and the ease with which you’re able to act on them.

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man on the left side of red text about BFCM
Email marketing
Aug 29, 2023
15 BFCM email examples and results

Check out 15 BFCM email campaign examples that were successful in 2022 to help you get ready to sell this holiday season.

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Image shows several examples of personalized email blasts, with a lavender Klaviyo logo on a lemon background
Email marketing
Aug 3, 2023
How to create email blasts that aren’t spam: the secret’s in the audience segmentation

Conventional email blasts haven’t worked since 2012. Learn what makes an email blast good—and how to create and send email blasts that aren’t spammy.

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Email marketing
Jul 18, 2023
How to create a branded newsletter

Your complete guide to creating a newsletter, including why, when to send, + brand examples.

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Chris Newton
29min read
Email marketing
Jul 12, 2023
Transactional emails matter: examples + deliverability tips

Transactional emails matter. Learn about transactional vs. marketing emails, the different types of transactional emails, and transactional email examples.

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