Marketing automation

Marketing automation is how you scale businesses and leverage the power of technology to 10x the capabilities of a single employee (without burning them out in the process). From email and SMS marketing flows, to data segmentation triggers and so much more, the power of automation removes manual tasks, and can save your team hours each week to refocus on higher priority work.

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9 reasons why customers churn & how to course-correct

Here are the most common customer churn reasons what how you can respond to improve your customer retention.

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5 churn reduction strategies to combat & prevent churn

Here are 5 churn reduction strategies that your marketing team can implement to both combat and prevent churn in the first place.

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Predicting churn risk with a CLV model

Learn how to use the Klaviyo customer lifetime value (CLV) prediction model to predict customer churn more accurately than with a standard academic model.

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Marketing automation articles

Transactional emails matter: examples + deliverability tips

Learn what a transactional email is, types of transactional emails, and how they differ from a traditional marketing email. Build brand loyalty today.

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Marketing automation KPIs: how to measure your success

Learn 4 ways to test and optimize your marketing automation efforts.

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Jax Connelly
10min read
In white font on a salmon background, image reads, "consolidate your retention marketing efforts under one roof." The Klaviyo flag stands out in the background behind the letters, and underneath them, the Klaviyo logo is positioned left of the Made In logo.
Consolidate your retention marketing efforts under one roof

Learn how consolidating your retention marketing efforts in Klaviyo can help you dream up complex, varsity-level marketing initiatives.

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Jax Connelly
3min read
In salmon font on a lavender background, text on the right side of the image reads, "6 April Fools' Day marketing ideas." On the left side of the image is a photo of two men laughing, watermarked in lavender behind an outline of the Klaviyo flag in salmon.
6 April Fools' Day email marketing ideas & examples

April Fools’ Day may be one of the toughest days of the year for brands to take advantage of. Here are 6 April Fools’ day marketing ideas to consider in 2024.

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In white font over a sage background, image reads, "your game plan to win March Madness email marketing." Underneath that in smaller black font, text reads, "5 strategies + 4 brand examples."
5 strategies to win March Madness email marketing

March Madness email marketing campaigns are a smart way for your brand to increase sales or even just build more loyalty with your existing subscribers.

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Phil Weltman
11min read
Image reads "Klaviyo's data engine yielded profound results for these 5 brands"
Ditch Mailchimp for Klaviyo

Klaviyo’s automated data collection makes it easy to understand your customers on a holistic level. Read how 5 brands succeeded by making the switch to Klaviyo.

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In lavender font on a lemon background, image shows the Klaviyo flag followed by the copy, "Top 9 email marketing automations to set up right now." On the right of the image is an in-platform image of what it looks like to schedule a flow in the back end of Klaviyo.
The top 9 email marketing automations to set up right now

Inspired by top-performing brands, here are 9 email marketing automation examples you can set up tomorrow to start generating more revenue.

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Image has a light salmon background with the Klaviyo flag in cotton in the center. Dark salmon text across the top half of the image reads "Valentine's Day marketing ideas." Smaller black text across the bottom, under the flag, reads, "Make your customers fall in love with your brand."
11 Valentine's Day marketing ideas for 2024

Here are 11 ways to make the most out of your Valentine’s Day marketing campaign to improve communication and increase conversions.

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