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November 30, 2023
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Which would you trust more: a product description stuffed full of fancy marketing lingo?

Or a product review written by a person, not affiliated with the brand, who’s actually used the item?

According to the Bazaarvoice Shopper Experience Index, when shoppers engage with user-generated content (UGC), brands experience a 162% increase in revenue per shopper and a 144% increase in conversion rates. In other words, your customers are your best marketers.

But how can you collect those ultra-valuable reviews without sacrificing customer experience? According to Compass Coffee, the answer lies in Klaviyo Reviews.

Bundle reviews with your marketing platform to streamline custom experiences and rewards

After trying to manage a frustratingly inflexible reviews tool, the team at Compass Coffee jumped at the chance to bring reviews into their already lucrative Klaviyo fold.

Here’s what their consolidation looked like:

  1. Activate the data you have: Compass Coffee collects purchase history data via the Klaviyo x Shopify integration, as well as message engagement data—like opens and clicks—from all of their subscribers.
  2. Connect with your customers: Compass Coffee communicates with their customers primarily via email and SMS—and collecting customer reviews is a major piece of their multi-channel marketing effort.
  3. Guide your marketing efforts using smart features: Using Klaviyo’s automation tools, Compass Coffee set up their reviews flow to automatically branch based on whether or not someone submits a picture with their review. Those who include media receive a 15% discount on their next order; those who don’t receive a thank-you email and a reminder to leave a photo next time.
  4. Grow toward your goals: In Q1 2023, their first quarter with Klaviyo Reviews, Compass saw a 3.7x QoQ jump in customer photos submitted—and a 70.5% jump in total reviews submitted.

Make your spend more efficient with an all-in-one platform

Managing 3 channels on one platform sounds like a dream come true. Often, those too-good-to-be-true scenarios are a pipe dream—but not in Klaviyo.

It only takes 5 steps to get started with Klaviyo Reviews:

  1. Install Klaviyo Reviews on your Shopify store.
  2. Install reviews widgets (which you can fully customize) on your site.
  3. Collect reviews using Klaviyo flows.
  4. Reward customers who submit a review.
  5. Upload reviews from your prior point solution (if needed).

It’s as simple and quick as it sounds. Activate the best marketers in the business—your customers—and watch trust in your brand take off.

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Emily Riedy
Emily Riedy
Content marketing manager
Emily Riedy is a content marketing manager at Klaviyo where she works to publish content to educate and inspire online businesses owners and email marketers. Owned marketing channels are a means to building a substantial customer base for the long-term, and the content Emily is most passionate about helps business operators create strong business foundations in owned marketing principles. Before Klaviyo, Emily worked at a paid ads agency helping businesses transform their approach to digital advertising. When she's not strategizing marketing content, she is running around the streets of Boston training for whatever race is next up on the docket. She lives in the South End with her 2 year-old basenji Fig and frequents (probably too regularly) the local Spanish tapas spot.