The Messi Store grows Klaviyo-attributed revenue 410% YoY

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growth in Klaviyo-attributed revenue in H1 2023


YoY growth in revenue from flows in H1 2023


YoY growth in email click rate in H1 2023

The Messi Store is the official online retailer for soccer legend Lionel Messi’s fashion brand. With jersey-inspired tees, hoodies, and other apparel, it extends Messi’s core values, vision, and sportsmanship from the soccer field to the streets.

Just like the Argentine soccer star’s fanbase, The Messi Store is global. That means its email marketing strategy has to convert and retain customers at a massive scale—and the team uses Klaviyo to do it.

Learn how The Messi Store turned email into a profit center with ED Digital


Email wasn’t a profitable channel for The Messi Store during their first year with Klaviyo.

Flows underperformed. Their average email open rate was stuck in the single digits. And attribution was murky—with SMS on Attentive and email in Klaviyo, conversions often got double-counted.

Everybody on the team had worked with Klaviyo in the past, and we knew that the platform wasn’t the problem.
Mauro Anselmi
Paid media specialist, MGO Global

“Everybody on the team had worked with Klaviyo in the past, and we knew that the platform wasn’t the problem,” says Mauro Anselmi, paid media specialist at The Messi Store’s parent company MGO Global. “We were the problem.”

They needed an outside perspective.


The team reached out to ED Digital, an email marketing agency for ecommerce brands, and together, they unearthed the root issue.

As a brand that shares a name with Lionel Messi—one of the 5 most-followed people on Instagram—they had a massive subscriber list, and had sent some unsegmented sends.

Those email blasts had hurt their sender reputation.

With ED Digital’s help, The Messi Store moved to a fresh sending domain and started emailing their engaged segment, proactively sunsetting long-dormant users.

To improve attribution, they also left Attentive and consolidated SMS and email in Klaviyo.


Once The Messi Store rebuilt its owned marketing infrastructure, they had a better foundation for their automations.

They collaborated with ED Digital to prioritise their flows better, so new subscribers who left the site before purchasing wouldn’t get a welcome flow and an abandonment flow at the same time.

They also used Klaviyo’s Wonderment and Loox integrations to send post-purchase flows. These kept their global audience up to date on varied international shipping timelines, and solicited reviews only after an order arrived.

Klaviyo is turning a profit for us. We’re in a good place to grow even more.
Mauro Anselmi
Paid media specialist, MGO Global

In H1 2023, The Messi Store’s email revenue grew 410% YoY, and flows played a huge role—revenue from flows grew 509.1% YoY, and accounted for 56% of total Klaviyo-attributed revenue.

Improved list hygiene meant the monthly cost of Klaviyo decreased, too.

Even when you factor in ED Digital’s fees, “Klaviyo is turning a profit for us,” says Anselmi. “We’re in a good place to grow even more.”

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