Craft Company whisks shoppers back to the store with its search abandonment email

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Cupcakes adorned with edible butterfly decorations from Craft Company.


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Craft Company is a slice of heaven for professional cake makers and amateur bakers alike. The online retailer sells high-quality cake decorations and baking supplies to create anything from simple bakes to show-stopping wedding cakes. Its goal is to help people celebrate special occasions with beautiful cakes. Whatever the theme, the store’s decorations will make the cake design shine, and its innovative colouring gels and modelling pastes allow artistic bakers to let their imaginations run wild.

Learn how the Klevu x Klaviyo integration converted customers’  searches into purchases


Craft Company’s online store was seeing around 1,000 searches a day from bakers browsing for cake-making supplies. But searches didn’t always convert into purchases because as with all online stores, buyers were sometimes distracted or choosing to shop around. 

This is always frustrating for brands, as buyers who use the search function are typically showing high purchase intent – in short, they’re eager to buy!

The retailer’s abandoned browse email did recapture some sales, but the content didn’t always reflect shoppers’ needs. It couldn’t make suggestions based on what people were actually looking for, even though they’d typed that into the search bar. Luckily, Craft Company’s AI-powered search technology, Klevu, had a solution to bridge the information gap.


Klevu’s integration with Klaviyo enables businesses to turn their site search data into tailored product recommendations, powered by AI. Klevu determines what shoppers want from their search terms and learns to display the products that are most likely to convert. In Klaviyo, this personalised content can be inserted into email and SMS messages, turning forgotten searches into sales opportunities. 

Craft Company worked with their digital agency PAASE to create a search abandonment email in Klaviyo and start targeting these ready-to-buy shoppers.

Shoppers who use search are 3–5 times more likely to convert. Klevu’s integration with Klaviyo allows online brands to grow their search-led revenue through automated and personalised product recommendations in email and SMS.
Nilay Oza
CEO, Klevu


When subscribers interact with the website without purchasing anything, Craft Company always connects with them to keep the brand top of mind. Its browse abandonment email flow sends mouthwatering tips for baking and decorating cakes, plus ideas for creatively theming. It has a high 9.3% click rate and converts well at 4.5%. The abandoned cart flow is a strong performer too, with a 6.3% order rate.

However the success of these and other flows has been dwarfed by the performance of Craft Company’s new search abandonment email. Now, shoppers who use the search function are placed into this flow instead of the more generic abandoned browse flow. The email they receive contains perfectly personalised content that’s designed to resonate and inspire purchases, and it has quickly become Craft Company’s best-performing automation. The flow achieves an impressive 12.1% conversion rate and has contributed an additional 6% to the brand’s overall email revenue.

The integration between Klevu and Klaviyo is not only driving high revenue for Craft Company but also significantly improving the customer journey, ensuring that every interaction is personalised, engaging, and relevant. It even saves the ecommerce team time and effort, since managing automations in Klaviyo is a piece of cake.

The search abandonment flow is dynamic and so requires minimal maintenance, which is a bonus for a small team. The strong conversion rate and revenue returned proves that when the efficiency of Klevu’s search results combine with Klaviyo’s capability to re-target, we have a winning combination to deliver what customers have told us they need.
Zoe Upcraft
Marketing and Communications Manager, Craft Company
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