CurrentBody increases abandoned cart revenue by nearly 50% since implementing personalised customer journeys

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CurrentBody allows people to recreate their favourite salon treatments at home by using its range of high-tech health and beauty devices. The striking LED light therapy mask is a bestseller: loved by celebrities, it’s won several beauty awards and the youthful-looking team at CurrentBody are avid users. In addition to skin rejuvenation devices, the retailer sells products for hair removal, skincare, sex tech, and more. It’s been working with Klaviyo since 2020 and recently added SMS into the communications mix.

Learn how CurrentBody balances margin protection with abandoned cart conversion


An abandoned cart for a luxury brand can be worth thousands of pounds, so closing the deal is very important. CurrentBody sells its own-brand devices alongside other high-end beauty tech, and profit margins vary by product. That means care has to be taken with purchase incentives: it’s not always desirable to offer customers a standard discount across the range. And, of course, consumers abandon their carts for lots of different reasons – they might be distracted from completing the purchase, planning to do more research, or just saving a wish list. A well-constructed abandoned cart recovery series can address these different scenarios to maximise sales conversion.


Klaviyo’s customer data platform is built into the tech stack that CurrentBody uses across its entire ecommerce operation, which comprises 20 regional websites that sell to customers in 120 countries. Olivia Chapman, the CRM Manager, runs the global customer lifecycle programme with a team of just two. She uses Klaviyo’s pre-built flows and segmentation functionality to automate the customer journey and create a richly-personalised buying experience.

Klaviyo allows us to easily clone fundamental workflows to new accounts when we launch new sites across the world. This allows us to quickly set up flows that are important in the customer journey such as Welcome or Abandoned Cart.

Olivia Chapman, CRM Manager, CurrentBody


Since improving the conversion rate of abandoned carts can have such a big impact on revenue, Olivia has made this a priority. The flows have been optimised through A/B testing the timing, message and other elements. 

Customers who have started the checkout process fall into a cadence that’s especially finely tuned, with 10 flows that are tailored to the product selected. Emails feature content that builds credibility, such as before and after pictures, press coverage, and customer reviews, plus a modest discount or free gift later in the flow to give customers an extra incentive. For less price-sensitive subscribers who are looking at the elite devices, offering a personal consultation has been found to be an effective way to convert sales. 

As consumers are happy to receive text messages from brands they trust, CurrentBody is also combining SMS with email in some of the flows. Subscribers who opt in to receive SMS marketing during sign-up receive one abandoned cart reminder via SMS and this message has the highest click rate in the flow.

Setting up our SMS channel with Klaviyo was really quick and easy. We were able to launch SMS during our peak sales period and use this new channel to give exclusive offers or early access to SMS subscribers to drive sales.

Olivia Chapman, CRM Manager, CurrentBody
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