SMS marketing for ecommerce growth and retention

Whether you’re switching from another tool or texting for the first time, use Klaviyo's SMS marketing platform for ecommerce to get the most value out of your SMS marketing.

Why SMS marketing? Why not is a better question

  • 4 in 5 UK consumers are happy to receive texts from brands they're interested in
  • 45% of UK consumers have bought as a result of a brand’s text
  • SMS marketing gets 5.5x the click rate of email

SMS campaigns and automations to reach customers in the moment

Texting is uniquely immediate and personal. It’s one of the best ways for brands to reach their best customers. And with Klaviyo, SMS seamlessly integrates with email.

Give customers exactly the messages they want, through the channel they prefer.

  • Tap-to-subscribe welcome offers
  • New product announcements
  • Coupons and time-sensitive sales
  • Back-in-stock and price drop alerts
  • Order/shipping/delivery confirmations
  • Purchase follow-ups and support

Not sure what to say? Use Klaviyo’s SMS assistant to automatically write texts.

SMS conversations to strengthen relationships and streamline support

With Klaviyo SMS, texting is a two-way street. Imagine a customer’s delight when they text you back and actually get a human response! And with built-in contact cards, you show up as you, not some random unknown number.

13,000+ brands using Klaviyo SMS to grow

Accurate, actionable SMS marketing reports and benchmarks

Vanity metrics don’t help you hit your annual goals. Conflicting data from separate platforms can actively hold you back.

With Klaviyo, you know exactly what’s driving results—with the kind of cross-channel clarity that’s only possible when email and SMS coexist on the same platform.

Plus, built-in benchmarks and A/B testing take it even further, so you can nail down precisely how to inspire more purchases.

SMS compliance safeguards for healthy lists and high deliverability

Klaviyo demystifies SMS regulations so you can confidently grow your lists and text your customers.

Opt in consent, opt out keywords, quiet hours—it’s all built in.

SMS for business that doesn’t take time away from other business

“Setting up our SMS channel with Klaviyo was really quick and easy. We were able to launch SMS during our peak sales period and use this new channel to give exclusive offers or early access to SMS subscribers to drive sales.”
Olivia Chapman, CRM Manager, CurrentBody

Break the silo between email and SMS marketing

All too often, brands struggle with SMS when it’s separated from email—duplicate work, double-counted conversion, hindered automation, and lacklustre performance.

Klaviyo is a complete ecommerce marketing platform: email, SMS, forms, templates, campaigns, automations, paid ad audiences. Everything works together—for more efficient, better performing marketing.