Budgy Smuggler drives 300x Klaviyo ROI with precise segmentation

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Klaviyo ROI in 2023

Budgy Smuggler is on a mission to free the thighs of the world.

It’s hard to miss a pair of smugglers, from the iconic pink pineapple print to DIY designs featuring the faces of customers’ furry friends and family members.

Initially a small, community-based brand with a focus on men’s swimwear, the 100% Australian-made brand has now expanded to include women’s and kid’s styles, too. Today, the global ecommerce business sells to customers across Australia, the UK, and France.

Learn how Klaviyo helped Budgy Smuggler power smarter digital relationships with their Australian customers


Each year, Budgy Smuggler releases a high volume of new collections and prints across multiple product lines, from swimwear to scrunchies and even hoodies.

As their product catalogue grew, Budgy Smuggler wanted to send customers targeted emails focused on the products and patterns they shopped the most—but their email marketing platform held them back.

When the team needed support, it was difficult to even get a response from their previous provider which limited their ability to experiment with new strategies for tailoring their communication with customers—like SMS marketing—for fear of spamming audiences with irrelevant messages.

To avoid batching and blasting their audience, they needed a new marketing platform.


Ultimately, Budgy Smuggler turned to Klaviyo to help power smarter digital relationships with their customers.

With all customer data easily accessible in Klaviyo, Budgy Smuggler is able to precisely segment their audience. Now, the team can score a real-time snapshot of customer interactions, then build and send ultra-targeted messages, fast—and at scale.

Budgy Smuggler’s secret sauce to growing a diverse yet highly engaged customer base has been using Klaviyo segmentation to tap into niche Australian subcultures—from prints celebrating AFL clubs to collaborations with Indigenous artists.

“Previously, when we’d release prints, we’d be blasting the whole list. Now, it can be really hyper-targeted,” says Adam Linforth, founder and CEO at Budgy Smuggler.

Backed by Klaviyo’s tailored advice and hands-on support, Budgy Smuggler has also confidently expanded into SMS marketing.

Today, the brand’s top-performing flows use a combination of SMS and email.

“It’s like having an extra person in the team with how powerful and easy to use Klaviyo is,” Linforth says.

It’s like having an extra person in the team with how powerful and easy to use Klaviyo is.
Adam Linforth
Founder and CEO, Budgy Smuggler


With Klaviyo segmentation, the Budgy Smuggler team can now deliver targeted, time-sensitive VIP messages—like trending product releases and early-access discount codes—that customers are excited to receive.

“Having direct access to the Klaviyo customer success team is a game-changer and such a stark contrast from our previous provider,” says Jess West, social media and marketing manager at Budgy Smuggler. “The tailored recommendations and hands-on support we receive make building high-performing campaigns quick and easy.”

With Klaviyo, Budgy Smuggler can now:

  • Precisely segment and retarget anyone who viewed or attempted to purchase their pink pineapple print, which generated an industry-leading 50% open rate.
  • Unite email and SMS for exclusive, time-sensitive campaigns—like their AFL and NRL premiership pairs, released immediately after the grand finals. As soon as the winner was crowned, fans of the club received an SMS prompt to order a pair in just a few taps. The campaign drove a strong 28% SMS click rate.
  • Operate email more efficiently using 6 pre-built drag-and-drop Klaviyo templates to get email campaigns out the door sooner and remove the need to hire an in-house graphic designer.

“In Klaviyo, I can spend less time figuring out new features and more time strategising our upcoming launches and promotions,” West says.

In Klaviyo, I can spend less time figuring out new features and more time strategising our upcoming launches and promotions.
Jess West
Social media and marketing manager, Budgy Smuggler
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