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PhiAcademy is the world’s largest academy for microblading and permanent make-up. Students learn a unique way of shaping eyebrows termed PhiBrows, which uses a “golden ratio” calculation to produce perfect eyebrow design. Active in 160 countries, PhiAcademy sells a range of professional training courses alongside the pigments, tools and supplies practitioners need to run a beauty business.

Learn how the B2B beauty brand integrated Klaviyo with Shopware to personalise cross-sell emails in five languages 


Using Mailchimp created a couple of challenges for PhiAcademy’s marketing team. Firstly, emails are sent in five languages, but creating separate campaigns in Mailchimp was hugely time consuming. Linking the campaigns required a vast spreadsheet and there was a lot of duplication of effort.

The other problem was the lack of customer data available to personalise marketing emails. With an audience ranging from independent practitioners to beauty salon chains, customers’ product consumption and interests are quite different. But targeting customers based on the beauty treatments they were trained in, or their previous purchases, was impossible.  


After switching to Klaviyo, PhiAcademy could dump the spreadsheets. In Klaviyo it’s easy to clone a campaign and then switch the language, and the universal content blocks save the team from having to recreate the same content time and again. Another time saver? Product feeds that can deliver personalised product recommendations to customers, based on their preferences, browsing, or other criteria. 

The dynamic content blocks and product suggestions are making our emails look far more professional and helping us to become more in tune with our users.
Claire Barton
Content Marketing Manager

PhiAcademy’s store and app are both on Shopware, and Klaviyo’s integration with the platform collects user data from both. So, when a customer makes a purchase or abandons their shopping cart, it doesn’t matter whether they’re in the app or the website, they will always receive an email triggered by their activity. 

Klaviyo’s integration with Shopware means we have more information on our clients, so if we want to target everyone who has bought microblading products, we can. We were not able to do that in Mailchimp.
Christine Binder
Ecommerce and Marketing Lead


With all customer data centralised in Klaviyo, PhiAcademy can see when someone has completed a particular training course and target them with a kit that contains all the tools they’ll need to get started in their chosen field.  

Beauty artists who’ve taken a PhiAcademy course tend to be brand loyal, and this creates lots of opportunities to cross-sell related products and additional practice supplies. The brand uses post-purchase flows to send customers a personalised selection of recommended products to go with their recent purchase. For instance, when someone buys the Golden Ratio Divider for eyebrow design, they’ll receive suggestions for pigments, treatment tools and microblading aftercare. The email has a 7% click rate and converts at 14.3%. Even better, the average order value is over €500 because salons tend to buy in bulk.  

Our cross-sell strategy works really well. We send product recommendations in our post-purchase flows and in the abandoned cart flow, and it’s a real revenue generator. It gives clients great inspiration on how they can expand or elevate their treatments with related products. It helps spread awareness of the huge range we have, and encourages further purchases.
Claire Barton
Content Marketing Manager

Klaviyo also makes it easy to identify specific customer groups, such as practitioners who’ve reached Master status, and resellers. The brand can offer them exclusive discounts and suppress them from more generic promotions aimed at smaller buyers. Being able to vary discounts by audience segment is especially helpful for Black Friday promotions, when the brand is layering seasonal savings on top of existing preferential rates and must avoid discounting too deeply. 

So what is the marketing team doing with the time they’ve saved by using Klaviyo? They’re spending it wisely by optimising the dozens of automations they’ve created through A/B testing. Flows now generate 45% of email revenue, which is reducing the brand’s reliance on campaigns and, most importantly, making it super easy for beauty practitioners to find the products they need. 

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