How Mixtiles unites email and SMS to drive 40% of revenue

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of all revenue comes from email and SMS



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Based in Israel and serving customers around the world, Mixtiles makes decorating a home simple. With their easy-to-hang art and picture frames, Mixtiles helps people create a space they love. Another reason customers love Mixtiles? Their conversational messaging style.

Our brand is very casual, and we strive to build friendship-like relationships with our customers.

Guy Pessah, Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Mixtiles

Mixtiles’ goal is to build relationships, so it makes sense that they’ve tapped into one of the most personal marketing channels: text messaging.

Screenshot of an SMS text message from Mixtiles on a phone.

Find out how Mixtiles uses SMS to complement their email messaging, collectively driving nearly 40% of all revenue.

Why combine email and SMS on one platform?

Right now, Guy is a one-person team, responsible for all Mixtiles’ emails and texts. His plate’s full—and creating a consistent customer experience is just one more task on an already long to-do list.

Customer journeys should be holistic and span different channels, including email and SMS.

Guy Pessah, Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Mixtiles

Mixtiles team chose Klaviyo from the very start of their business for both email and text message marketing. By uniting their email and SMS communications on one platform, it helps the Mixtiles team deliver a high-quality marketing message without expending a lot of time or resources.

Now that Mixtiles’ cross-channel messages are in sync, they don’t have to worry about miscommunications.

If I were working on separate email and SMS platforms, it’d leave room for error and result in a disjointed customer experience. By combining email and SMS in Klaviyo, it gives us—and our customers—a lot of value.

Guy Pessah, Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Mixtiles

Email and SMS work together to create a cohesive experience

At critical stages in the customer journey, Mixtiles doesn’t have to pick a single method of communication. For example, when someone first visits their website, Mixtiles asks for both email and phone numbers to enable cross-channel retargeting.

We also use an onsite pop-up to target email subscribers who haven’t opted in to SMS messages, so we get another chance to capture a customer’s phone number.

Guy Pessah, Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Mixtiles

If someone opts into email marketing but doesn’t share their phone number, Mixtiles continues building their relationship with the customer through email. Then, when the customer visits their website, they’re reminded that they can also get exclusive offers via text with a targeted pop-up.

Screenshot of an email signup form on the Mixtiles website.

Using Klaviyo to create an automated journey

Once someone opts into Mixtiles’ SMS marketing, they enter a personalised flow that includes both email and text messages. Mixtiles has several unique paths for their subscribers: a welcome series, abandoned cart, and sunset flow.

Since these email campaign series live together in Klaviyo, Mixtiles can streamline how they’re created. One journey, two paths—all based on subscribers’ channel preference.

These automated campaigns make up 40% of all of Mixtiles email and SMS revenue, which is especially impactful since Guy doesn’t need to do much to maintain them—they’re always on.

Mixtiles’ abandoned cart series is one example of an automated campaign that combines email and SMS, driving hundreds of thousands in revenue every month:

Screenshot of an automated flow in Klaviyo.

Guy is responsible for testing and optimising when Mixtiles’ customers get a text or email, so crafting a united message that resonates and drives revenue is critical.

In a previous company, I used another tool where it wasn’t possible to set the strategy and execute on these kinds of campaigns—we needed two people. I would set the direction, but someone else did the actual segmentation, building, and sending. But it’s so easy with Klaviyo, I can do it all.

Guy Pessah, Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Mixtiles

What’s next for Mixtiles’ SMS and email strategy?

As Guy plans for Mixtiles’ year ahead, SMS messaging is pivotal to his strategy of building relationships with his customers. Along with the abandoned cart flow, Mixtiles will continue to add SMS messages alongside its email automations.

I’m going to prioritise which flows make the most sense to include SMS, with the aim to maximise revenue. Right now, the welcome flow is first on my list. I’m going to work on a hypothesis for what it should look like and test it.

Guy Pessah, Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Mixtiles

With a data-first approach at the heart of Mixtiles’ email and SMS strategy, Guy is sure to win his customers over with messages that land in their email and text message inboxes.

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