Oatsome drives a healthy 12% higher average order value with omnichannel

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 increased average order value with print mailings


conversion rate through WhatsApp


revenue earned from winback strategy in 2023

It’s no secret that many people these days don’t necessarily eat a healthy breakfast (or any breakfast at all). Hectic schedules have many people reaching for foods that are convenient, but also high in sugar, artificial flavourings and additives.

Oatsome believes healthy food should be easy to make and delicious to eat. In 2017, it established a new category in the breakfast market with its smoothie bowls—the first smoothies you can spoon up—which are natural, vegan, and have no added sugar. Ready to eat in 60 seconds, they’re perfect for people who are short on time and big on health.

Why an omnichannel approach has customers frothing with excitement


WIth their exceptional oat-based products, Oatsome has built a loyal customer base and generated thousands of leads. Oatsome knew people wanted to hear more about its products—the challenge was consistently getting its content into inboxes.

Its previous email service provider had poor deliverability, meaning customers and new subscribers weren’t getting the emails crafted to encourage additional purchases and brand loyalty. At the same time, basic segmentation capabilities meant the team couldn’t personalise the timing and content of its messaging on factors like demographics, purchasing history, and products.


It was time for a change. By switching to Klaviyo, Oatsome could expand its channels and personalisation power. The marketing team now uses the Deutsche Post integration for print mailings and Charles integration for WhatsApp—both add dynamism and personality to Oatsome’s email campaigns.

Klaviyo’s automations also allowed the team to double the number of flows they use to engage specific personas with more tailored customer journeys.

With Klaviyo we’re creating far deeper personalisation, our emails are reaching inboxes, and our conversion rates are just crazy. The time saved through the automations has freed the team to focus on bigger strategic initiatives.
Saskia Dörr
CRM Manager, Oatsome


With Klaviyo, Oatsome combines email, Whatsapp and print mailings into coherent, compelling and consistent flows, which power personalised, targeted (and mouthwatering) communications. Together, this multichannel approach has yielded a 12% increase on average order value.

Take Oatsome’s winback flow, which has a 50% open rate. Customers first receive a survey asking why they haven’t rebought yet. This helps the team gain more insight into the sales funnel, and informs other post purchase flows. The customer then receives a time-dependent discount offer. Depending on their response and subscription status in Charles, they’ll receive a personalised Whatsapp message. 

The final step is a postcard with the biggest discount offer for those who haven’t opened previous emails. This ensures the business doesn’t waste an unnecessarily high discount on someone who will have bought at the first discount. A real-time data integration is essential to make sure only people who haven’t made a purchase end up with the final postcard.

Email is Oatsome’s most cost-effective and far-reaching channel—depending on recipients’ behaviour, Klaviyo automatically moves them into an appropriate flow that uses the most effective channels. By using Klaviyo’s integrations and flows to power multichannel marketing, Oatsome can balance cost and efficiency with performance.

We can finally implement a deeper level of personalisation for our customers. We have smarter customer journeys and more automated revenue coming through the door.
Saskia Dörr
CRM Manager, Oatsome
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