Soaring sales: Flybubble sees revenue from email marketing increase by nearly 4,000%

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Flybubble is a specialist paragliding equipment retailer based in the UK. As passionate pilots themselves, owners Nancy and Carlo provide a highly personalised service to help customers buy the most suitable wing, harness or reserve for their needs. The store stocks top-of-the range equipment and offers a great choice of new and used gear. Its reputation for exceptional customer service has made Flybubble the go-to place for freeflight fanatics.

Learn how Foundation Commerce automated personalised customer journeys for the paragliding brand


Flybubble decided to update its ecommerce store in 2021 and appointed agency Foundation Commerce to transform its digital presence. Hitherto the brand had mostly relied on word-of-mouth and its popular social media video content to drive sales. While Mailchimp had allowed the brand to send newsletters to subscribers, doing anything more sophisticated, such as building automations, was simply out of reach. There was clearly scope for improvement and the agency could see that there was a huge opportunity to make email marketing work better.


Foundation Commerce built Flybubble a new store on Magento and switched on its integration with Klaviyo to create a powerful marketing automation platform. Migrating the brand from Mailchimp to Klaviyo is a move the agency has done for countless clients. 

Klaviyo and Magento seamlessly integrate to support data-driven marketing strategies that deliver truly personalised customer experiences. We knew this would help us unlock the potential of Flybubble’s online store.
Lilly Brown
Foundation Commerce

By turning customer data into personalised communications at scale, the brand can finally align its online customer experience with its offline one to make every interaction with the brand feel more personal – just like having a conversation with Nancy and Carlo! 

Klaviyo’s integration with was an added bonus. Flybubble receives outstanding feedback on its service from pilots and now the brand can harness the power of customer advocacy by featuring reviews in its emails.

By transforming Flybubble’s email strategy, Foundation Commerce has increased revenue from email marketing by 3,956%. Now 30% of revenue comes from the channel.


Automated flows are at the heart of Flybubble’s strategy and these generate 90% of the email revenue. A welcome series with five emails signposts the brand’s exhilarating videos and introduces its unique Match service, which finds customers’ perfect kit. The flow also features product recommendations using Klaviyo’s dynamic product feeds to highlight bestsellers, used gear and special offers – plus the all-important customer reviews. Two of the welcome emails have a 9% conversion rate. The abandoned cart flow performs even better, converting 15%. 

Switching on multiple automations has had a huge impact, but Foundation Commerce has taken it a step further. By using A/B testing the agency has significantly improved conversion rates, with flows now averaging 4.63%. And email engagement is up too, by simply sending fewer emails to the less-engaged subscribers. 

Not only do Klaviyo’s automated flows increase conversion rates and revenue, they help keep audiences engaged, nurtured, and eager for more. It’s like having a team of marketing ninjas working tirelessly behind the scenes!
Lilly Brown
Foundation Commerce

Instead of offering flashy discounts, Flybubble focuses on delivering a high quality service and products at the right price. It offers a modest 5% saving to new customers and their most loyal subscribers, using Magento to generate unique discount codes which Klaviyo inserts into the desired emails.

Flybubble’s ultimate goal is to build relationships with its free-flying customers. As paragliders become more proficient their equipment needs change, so to nurture customers, the brand sends personalised messages at key stages in their paragliding journey. For instance, one year after they’ve purchased a ‘first wing’, Flybubble invites them to upgrade to a ‘progression wing’. Recommending suitable products helps to increase conversions whilst also making it easy for their customers to find what they’re looking for.

So what does the Flybubble team think? While they don’t create any emails, Klaviyo’s custom reports allow them to dive into the metrics and monitor performance, which gives them the confidence that Foundation Commerce has got it covered.

On flyable days we want to be on the hill testing gear, not sitting at a desk building email campaigns. The Foundation Commerce x Klaviyo partnership has given us the freedom to do that.
Carlo Borsattino
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